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As recipients, we used a collection of E. We have also studied the effect of UVA radiation alone, in order to determine more precisely the effect attributable only to psoralen molecules. Results showed a strong lethal effect derived from PUVA treatment; however, some plasmid recovery was achieved in bacterial hosts carreeras in Excision repair and SOS repair. Another repair pathway, only detectable at high density of lesions, appeared to be relevant for the removal of 8 – MOP: Ccarreteras of Open Access Journals Sweden.

Group A 25 cases was initiated on 0. Therapy was given thrice a week. Repigmentation was evaluated by using a scale. At the end of 60 sittings, on acceptable cosmetic response was seen over the face, neck and upper extremities in both groups, while trunk and lower extremities showed lesser response. Phototoxicity was seen more often with 8 – MOP. Zentralinstitut fuer Mikrobiologie und Experimentelle Therapie.

Cell membranes are the main target of PUVA-therapy. Combined stopped flow and irradiation experiments allow to conclude from the carretteras of a photoreaction to its anatomical place. The rate of trypan blue-stainable cells was not enhanced by prolongating the time of incubation up to 45 minutes and following irradiation with 0.

Some cell cultures were then given a second dose of UVA 1. By this type of treatment, cells with different proportions of DNA cross-links are obtained. The initial PUVA treatment will mainly give rise to psoralen monoadducts and only few cross-links in the DNA, and the second UVA irradiation will convert a number of the psoralen monoadducts into cross-links.

La region de Los Angeles contiene una red de fallas activas, incluyendo muchas fallas por empuje que son profundas y no rompen la superficie de la tierra.

Estas fallas ocultas incluyen la falla anteriormente desconocida que fue responsable por la devastacion que ocurrio durante el terremoto de Northridge en enero deel terremoto mas costoso en la historia de los Estados Unidos. El Experimento Sismico en la Region de Los Angeles Los Angeles Region Seismic Experiment, LARSEesta localizando los peligros ocultos de los terremotos debajo de la region de Los Angeles para mejorar la construccion de las estructuras que pueden apoyar terremotos que son inevitables en el futuro, y que ayudaran a los cientificos determinar donde occurira el sacudimento mas fuerte y poderoso.

Interactions of furocoumarins with subunits of cell constituents. The furocoumarin derivatives trimethylpsoralen TMP and 8-methoxypsoralen 8 – MOP sensitized the photoreaction of unsaturated fatty acids more slowly than histidine and faster than deoxyguanosine. Intermediacy of singlet oxygen in the furocoumarin-sensitized photoreaction of unsaturated fatty acids has been ruled out on the basis of the results of a competitive kinetics analysis. The fatty acid photoproducts have been isolated by HPLC and partially characterized.

The generation of a fatty acid-TMP photoproduct is discussed. Each patient received both regimens. A higher-dose regimen based on minimal phototoxic dose MPD with percentage incremental increases was given to one-half of the body.

The other half received a lower dose regimen based on skin type with fixed incremental UVA increases. Patients were treated twice weekly. Symmetrical plaques were scored to determine the rate of resolution with each regimen. In addition, the number of treatments, cumulative UVA dose and number of days in treatment to achieve overall clearance were recorded. Patients were reviewed monthly for one year to record remission data. Thirty-three patients completed the study.

Both regimens were effective and well tolerated. Although the cumulative UVA dose was higher with the MPD regimen for all skin types studied, the reduced number of exposures required for clearance for skin types I and II but not III, combined with the security of individualized MPD testing, has practical attractions.


MPD testing also identified five patients who required an increased psoralen dose and six patients who required a reduction of the initial UVA dose with the skin type regimen. Forty-two percent were still clear 1 year after treatment and there was no significant difference in the number of days in remission between the regimens for those whose psoriasis had recurred. The reduction in the number of exposures required for clearance with the MPD-based regimen may be safer and more cost effective in the long term.

Directorio A.N.I.E.R.M. 2010

Localizacion puntual de mutaciones producidas en PBR por tratamiento con 8-metoxipsoraleno mas luz ultravioleta-A. The number of psoralen adducts formed in pBR upon that treatment ranged from 0 to Modified DNA samples were used to transform several strains of E.

Coli differing in their repair capacitiesboth in constitutive conditions and after sos pre-induction by nm-irradiation of cells. Mutation frequencies in the tet gene showed to increase in the wild type and uvrA strains along with the number of psoralen adduts per plasmid molecule; higher mutation frequencies were found in cells that had been previously irradiated to induce the SOS expression. Mutations appeared to be unique in most of the cases and were always punctual, i.

The relative positions of the mutations showed a high frequency of coincidence among the sequenced fragments, indicating the existence of several DNA regions with high probability to mutated [sup h]ot spots[sup ]. The generation of internal facility reports and external reports for the Russian Federal system will be demonstrated. Bar-code readers will be used to demonstrate the ability of EZ MAS to automate certain functions, such as physical inventories at facilities.

Technology driven industries have seen fast moving technology changes, higher complexity and reduced product life cycles. These emerging trends present challenges for companies in industries where technology is at the forefront. The paper outlines a research project in progress which Fluid flow dynamics in MAS systems.

The turbine system and the radial bearing of a high performance magic angle spinning MAS probe with 1. We focused mainly on the fluid flow properties of the MAS system. Therefore, computational fluid dynamics CFD simulations and fluid measurements of the turbine and the radial bearings have been performed.

CFD simulation and measurement results of the 1. However, in particular, MAS turbines are mainly optimized for speed and stability instead of efficiency.

We have compared MAS systems for rotor diameter of 1. This dimensionless analysis also supports radial turbines for low speed MAS probes and diagonal turbines for high speed MAS probes. Consequently, a change from Pelton type MAS turbines to diagonal turbines might be worth considering for high speed applications. CFD simulations of the radial bearings have been compared with basic theoretical values proposing considerably ve frictional loss values.

expansion con restricciones: Topics by

The discrepancies might be due to the simple linear flow profile employed for the theoretical model. Frictional losses generated inside the radial bearings result in undesired carretreas of the rotor. The rotor surface temperature distribution computed by CFD simulations show a large temperature gradient over the rotor. Hierarchical MAS based control strategy for microgrid. Microgrids have become a hot topic driven by the dual pressures of environmental protection concerns and the energy crisis.

In this paper, a challenge for the distributed control of a modern electric grid incorporating clusters of residential microgrids is elaborated and a hierarchical multi-agent system MAS is proposed as geomstrico solution. The issues of how to realize the hierarchical MAS and how manaul improve coordination and control strategies are discussed.

The negative global impact of the AIDS pandemic is well known. In this perspective article, the utility of magic angle spinning MAS NMR spectroscopy to answer pressing questions related to the structure and dynamics of Ve protein assemblies is examined. We discuss some of these evolving methods and technologies and provide a perspective on the current state of MAS NMR as applied to the investigations into structure and dynamics of HIV-1 assemblies of CA capsid protein and of Gag maturation intermediates.


In this paper, the MAS proposed and established combines the reacting and thinking abilities to be an initiative and autonomous hybrid system which can solve missions involving coordinated flight and cooperative operation.

The MAS uses BDI model to support its logical perception and to classify the different missions; then the missions will be allocated by utilizing auction mechanism after analyzing dynamic parameters. Prim potential algorithm, particle swarm algorithm, and reallocation mechanism are proposed to realize the rational decomposing and optimal allocation in order to reach the maximum profit.

After simulation, the MAS has been proved to be able to promote the success ratio and raise the robustness, while realizing feasibility of coordinated flight and optimality of cooperative mission. It is an inert thermometer in close contact with solid samples operating parallel to the NMR experiment.

Due to the strong response of the crystal, signal detection is possible without changing the tuning of the MAS probe.

The NMR signal is not influenced due to the relative sharp crystal resonance, restricted excitation by finite pulses, high probeQvalues, and commonly used proydcto filters. The quadratic dependence of the temperature increase on spinning speed is the same for the Carrreteras and for the CST lead nitrate and is discussed in terms of frictional heat in accordance with the literature about lead nitrate and with the results of a simple rotor speed jump experiment with differently radial located lead nitrate in the rotor.

Full Text Available Multi agent systems Carrfteras are popularly used in practice, however; a few studies have looked at MAS capabilities from the power engineering perspective. This paper presents the results of an investigation concerning the compatibility of MAS capabilities in different power engineering categories.

Five MAS capabilities and seven power system categories are established. A framework for applying MAS in power engineering is developed. A fuzzy inference system is adopted to evaluate the paper proposed framework.

Two approaches, namely simulation and real, are considered for different power categories. The paper shows that MAS capabilities are generally compatible with both approaches, although compatibility of MAS with real approach is more significant.

The paper concludes that in the near future MAS is anticipated to be a key important tool in the development of intelligent systems and smart grids in power system. This paper contributes to thinking on perspective of MAS in power System. Penentuan lokasi dilakukan secara sengaja purposive method di Kabupaten Lumajang.

Data yang digunakan meliputi data primer dan data sekunder. Analisa data menggunakan Policy Analysis Matrix PAM untuk menganalisis aspek profitabilitas dan dampak kebijakan pemerintah terhadap pisang mas Kirana. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa Komoditas pisang mas Kirana menguntungkan secara finansial dan ekonomi yang ditunjukkan dengan keuntungan privat PP Rp Keuntungan privat pisang mas Kirana lebih kecil daripada keuntungan sosialnya PP mas Kirana, terdapat dampak kebijakan subsidi terhadap harga-harga input pada usahatani pisang mas Kirana; masih belum ada lembaga yang dapat memberikan pelayanan yang kompetitif serta informasi yang lengkap dan rendahnya harga beli pisang mas Kirana di dalam negeri.

Determination of location was done intentionally or purposive method in Lumajang regency. The data that was used covering primary data and secondary data.

The results showed that Commodity of Kirana Mas banana has financially and economically beneficial, shown by private profit PP Rp 10, Increased vascular sympathetic modulation in mice with Mas receptor deficiency.

Therefore we investigated the effect of Mas deficiency on autonomic modulation in wild type and Mas -knockout KO mice. Blood pressure was recorded at high sample rate Hz. Stationary sequences of — beats were randomly chosen.