Manhunting. Kate’s search for Mr. Right is a lot harder since she’s spending so much time with Mr. Wrong. Kate Svenson may be a dynamite. “Planning on jumping? I wouldn’t. Blood’s hell to get out of silk.” “I’m just checking the weather,” Kate Svenson said patiently and continued to stare out her. “You’ve been engaged three times in the past three years and not one of them could keep you.” Manhunting was not Jenny’s title and she’s never liked it (it was .

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Thought that was worth mentioning.

But what sold the book was combining all of that with some truly laugh-out-loud moments—and I don’t mean the slapstick though that wasn’t out of place, either, really, even though I’m not usually a fan.

I can totally see why. The difference between Kate and me, in that sense, was that I was hoping to find lovenot a business partner I could have sex and breakfast with.

Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie

Jake and Kate were great people to spend time with. The hero doesn’t want to do manhumting or so he tells himself as h This book was a total hoot because it had two characters who practiced self-delusion perfectly, the heroine with her corporate life and three engagements she broke off, who wanted to have a companion, someone smart and successful and definitely not like the hero Jake who does nothing, ever since he quit his job as a tax attorney in the city and invested all his money in the resort run by his brother and that is where these two meet.


I’ve read almost all of Jennifer Crusie’s books and I love that her female characters are always so realistic crusje a little bit on the crazy side.

Her latest novel, Maybe This Time, hit shelves in August, All their well-laid plans are blown to shreds when love takes over and then the fun really begins!

manhuntting Jake was terrific from the get-go and only a teensy bit on the Neanderthal side. This is her first novel?!? It even becomes a running joke with the people in town: But can a man who’s sworn off ambition for good and a woman hanging from the top of the corporate ladder find common ground in the unpredictable territory called the heart, where the word proposal takes on a very different meaning?

Seeing Kate’s date was so hilarious, all of them ended up injured in some way, then there was the young engaged Manuhnting. I always like a good love-hate relationship, this was particularly witty and enjoyable.

Book review: Jennifer Crusie’s *Manhunting*

He wants nothing to do with Kate’s plan and is relieved when she says she isn’t interested in him. Oct 31, Isabella rated it it was amazing Shelves: Crusie’s books a try, and I might even go back to the highly praised Welcome to Temptation. Manhunting is a five star read if there janhunting was one.

I just didn’t identify with that aspect of Kate. It turns out this is actually her first book, reprinted with a much less embarrassing cover poor Jenniferand it shows, a little.

Lucy McGillicuddy looks for a husband. She really is good at banter. Lists with This Book.

Desert Isle Keeper

If you’re feeling blah and want a good laugh – along with a wonderful romance – you can’t get better than this! Right leads to one disaster after another her manjunting with Jake begins to grow.

  EVA 7350M PDF

She’s the kind of heroine we all love to hate.

All of the men, well most, were skeevy. Kate SvensonJake Templeton. On the shorter side, but very cute and sweet.


His easygoing personality and his genuine admiration for the heroine made for a winning combination. Feb 16, Bark rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her job bores her, her breasts are starting to droop and she’s given up on love after dating a string of losers who only want her for her money. When Kate gets there, janhunting slowly becomes disillusioned with her plan but continues on through hilarious situations and a funny problem that Kate discovers about herself. I loved this book. At first glance Kate Svensen is the type of woman who is easy to envy.

Despite this Kate jennifdr wants a husband, a compatible husband who is as successful and driven as she is. Nov 06, Emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: Heroine I forgot her name already and I need to commence to doin’ my cgusie so I’m moving on. This isn’t as cold and calculated as it sou 4. Aug 13, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved her early encounters with Jake though, an On the shorter side, manunting very cute and sweet.

I mean they act like it. Kate Svenson is on a mission.

The resort is full of men who fit all her requirements.