COMMON NAMES Button mangrove, Buttonwood, Buttobush, Mangle boton, Botocillo, Mangle botoncillo, Mangle negro, Mangle prieto, Yana, Marequito. Republic); mangle blanco (Guatemala); mangle boton (Dominican Republic); mangle botón (Puerto Rico); mangle botonceillo (Venezuela); mangle botoncillo . blanco (Guatemala); mangle boton (Dominican Republic); mangle botón ( Costa Rica, Cuba, Puerto Rico); mangle botonceillo (Venezuela); mangle botoncillo.

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Lectotipified by Wijnands, Bot. Las especies asociadas menos frecuentes fueron Hibiscus tiliaceus var. The first one is related to primary economic activities, that is to say agriculture both irrigation and seasonallivestock, and forestry. Type specimens Rhizophora harrisonii Leechm.

World atlas of mangroves.

Los manglares en el oriente de Venezuela ocupan aproximadamente ha. Synonym Rhizophora brevistyla Salvoza [ 57 ]. Inflorescencia axilar espiciforme, diminuta. In the case of Avicennia bicolor Standl. Flores solitarias, rosadas, bisexuales, axilares.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Lectotypified by Wijnands, Bot. The support granted to the rehabilitation and restoration of the mangroves is used by the inhabitants who adjoin these communities; the non-governmental organizations and the researchers of universities and institutes are to work in favor of this precious resource. The underside is somewhat hairy and is usually covered by salt crystals. Valid name Conocarpus erectus L.


Plantas glaucas, generalmente postradas. Tallo glabro con tricomas escuamiformes, peltados, dispersos. Guests can relax in the garden at the property.

Corazón mexicano

Gaertner in to the genus Laguncularia. Inflorescencia axilar, cimosa, biflora. Vascular plants of the mangroves of Sucre StateManfle. Kew Inform [ 57 ]. Common and vernacular names Mangle botoncillo [ 15 ].

Tallo con tricomas peltados, escuamiformes. Mundo Joven Hostel Cancun. The leaves are simple, opposite, petiolate, with rounded leaf, and they are elliptic to oblong; these are botoncilo at the tips of the branches, their color is dark green in the bundle, and yellowish on the underside.

Very good reviews 7.

botoncillo – Translation into English – examples Spanish | Reverso Context

Flores blanquecinas, diminutas en inflorescencias unisexuales. Common and vernacular names Palo de sal [ 46 ] Other common names in Mexico: Type specimens The tropicos. Semillas con penacho de pelos. Plantas verdes, erectas, arbustivas.

Specifics racemosa comes from the Latin racemosa, which means cluster, which alludes to the type of inflorescence that the plant presents cluster type [ 39 ].

Fruit ovate-oblique, apiculate, 1. Its bark is whitish or light gray-brown in contrast to the dark grayish coffee of Avicennia germinans.

August 2nd Reviewed: Twenty eight species botonclllo determined, six of them were mangroves, three of red mangrove Rhizophora harrisonii, R. In this Official Mexican Standard the four mangrove species with a national presence Rhizophora mangle, Avicennia germinans, Laguncularia racemosa, and Conocarpus erectus are integrated with the status of special protection.


Term Bank – mangle botoncillo – Spanish English Dictionary

It was observed that the information obtained through written means is more truthful and reliable than the information obtained via the Internet. An important aspect to emphasize is the use of taxonomic status: Plantas rastreras o manggle, enraizadas en los nudos.

Name accepted Nasir and Ali in [ 38 ], consider Rhizophora mucronata Lam. Diagnosis Conocarpus erectus L.: De las seis especies de mangle mencionadas en este trabajo para la flora de Sucre, tres se encuentran magnle en obtoncillo Libro Rojo de la Flora de Venezuela Llamozas et al.

To give greater legal certainty to the protection of mangroves, ina reform to the General Wildlife Law was published, Article 60 TER, which specifies that any activity that affects the integrity of the species and its productivity is prohibited, as well as the hydrological flow and environmental services provided by the mangroves [ 949 ].