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Several posts related to using Xbox bluetooth controllers in linux suggest disabling it.

Digital inputs are easy: But 4 of them can be also be analog… and no documentation at all to tell me what mmajor levels I can use and if there is any kind of internal protection.

Yes, I bought a Microsoft device.

Major Alvega

A Xbox Adaptive Controller. When it was announcedI liked the simplicity of the idea: And although not officially announced as so, it was not a closed device — it was meant to extend the gaming experience and not only for Microsoft systems.

So now that it is available I ordered one. It arrived today… and linux thinks it is some kind of joystick. The black cross-shaped pad is mapped to Axle 6 Left: Now if I connect a 3. In fact, the 4 first jacks are mapped to Axle 6 and 7 left, up, down majoe right.

Microsoft states that BT only works with Windows 10 so I might need to sweat a bit more before having a wireless controller. This power source could be a regular LEGO battery but could also be a different type.

So a LEGO relay. I remember seeing somewhere a few LEGO mechanisms with the same purpose, like moving the slider of a Power Functions battery box or rotating an axle inside of a Power Function switch… but could not find them.


I used a Power Functions switch. We can mechanical control the switch with a Technic axle inserted in two different ways — over the top or through it:. Maor decided to insert the axle through it.

But I started with a Power Functions motor connected to a Power Functions battery and since the motor is too strong and fast I used a clutch gear to protect the switch when extreme position is reached. The switch has 3 working positions where the neutral middle is the OFF position and both left and right extremes are ON both with opposite polarities. The cam gears were the first piece I found with the proper size — when the switch is off the cam gears touch the Technic grey brick so if the motor keeps rotating the clutch gear will slip and protect the switch axle.

But I used a 2. I prefer to use kanthal wire instead of nichrome wire for several reasons: Metal strings used with guitars also work and are easy to find but electrical resistance is too low. So I used a 20 cm piece of kanthal wire to make a coil with perhaps a dozen turns and test it several times:. Always take safety measures.

The Technic-like holes work very well and the axle is also Technic compatible.

Major Alvega – O Falcão

Now that I have a working cable to intercept Powered Up signals I no longer need to cut a sensor cable to hijack it. So everytime the measured distance change I get a notification in gatttool and a 3-byte message in jpnevulator. And it is simple:. The first byte sent is like a read command. So it is probably some power saving definition, it would be nice if we could disable it.


So I finally made my own Powered Up extension cable with avlega third connector to sniff the communicares between the hub and a sensor or an interactive motor:. Too bad I get back to work this week… I hope that spying the WeDo 2. So this is my own implementation.

We can mechanical control the switch with a Technic axle inserted in two different ways — over the top or through it: Perhaps not most the efficient mechanism or beautiful design but this works: So I used a 20 cm piece of kanthal wire to make a coil with perhaps a majjor turns and test it several times: Great for hobby rockets or party candles: And it is simple: Not even an initialization sequence!

Ace London

Not totally clear yet but this works: So the 3 different behaviors: After a few minutes, it stops sending data. And the message is now 5-bytes long: And after a few minutes the sensor also stops sending data.

One najor David Lechner with 2 Powered Up-compatible male plugs with cables already attached and 4 great ev3dev stickers! Other from Mouser Electronics with a few 1.