The Mandrake: Niccolò Machiavelli: The Art of War and other writings: Castracani of Lucca () and The Mandrake (; La Mandragola). The former is a. An Audience With Machiavelli: The Mandrake Root & The Prince. By Niccolo Machiavelli and Rachel Hogan. Directed by Rachel Hogan. The Significance of Luecrezia in. Machiavelli’s La Mandragola. Susan Behtntak. Lorng. The “fall” of Lucrezia in Machiavelli’s play La Mandragola is a puzzlement .

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The Mandrake – Wikipedia

Conspiring with both Ligurio, a rascally marriage broker, and a corrupt priest named Friar Timoteo, Callimaco masquerades as a doctor. The machiaveloi, Callimaco, desires to sleep with Lucrezia, the young and beautiful wife of an elderly fool, Nicia.

She allows a disguised Callimaco into her bed and, machiavlli that the events which caused her to break her marriage vows were due to divine providence, thereafter accepts him as her lover on a more permanent basis. She experiences sex with another nubile person for that first time, and much prefers that than sex with her old husband.

It will be analysed as a comedy and as satire.

The Mandrake by Niccolo Machiavelli

Hence, this analysis shall also be considered with the concept of the play as a comical satire in the background. That plan is that Callimaco will pretend to be a doctor who can cure infertility with a magic potion using a mandrake root.

Callimaco as the protagonist finds Lucrezia sexually appealing. The play is mentioned in the 16th Letter of Amabed in Voltaire ‘s Les Lettres d’Amabed stating that “the piece mocks the religion which Europe preaches, of which Rome is the centre, and the throne of which is the Papal See “.


The fact that everyone is driven by desire in the play makes the world a very material one, and in fact, a Machiavellian world. Lucrezia herself gets to know what she wants at the end of the play — and that is Callimaco as her lover.

And then, also, I find it so funny. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Callimaco follows his sexual desire for Lucrezia to arrive at Florence. La Mandragola has witty dialogues and serves to be a hilarious play with characters ranging from the docile Siro to the deceiving Callimaco. Moreover, Ligurio does not have the same goal as Callimaco.

So, she is not raped, even though he intended to do that. Shortly after Rome was founded by Romulus in the BCs, the first generation of Roman men acquired wives from the neighboring town of Sabine families.

However, Callimaco knows Lucrezia and her husband are childless and want a child very badly, and intends to exploit that.

In redactions, it is this trait that is spoofed. The rape of Lucretia led to the founding of the republic of Te. However, her husband, Nicia, stands in the way. All of the characters are like any common citizens of Florence, some elite, some not. The audience realizes that he himself pockets the money. The production also combined the contemporary and classic eras.

Lucrezia is willing to fool her husband into giving Callimaco a key to have him as her lover. She tells them what happened, and asks them to avenge her rape. It was most likely penned down in The death of a man for the purpose of having a male heir does not seem to disturb him.

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The Mandrake

He adds, however, the dire warning that machavelli mandrake will undoubtedly kill the first man to have intercourse with her. Views Read Edit View history. In Waiting for Godot the mandrake also makes an appearance. She changes the sexes of two characters. In essence, he mandraks her, telling that she can either be his lover with no stigma, or be stigmatized if she refuses.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Tantalized by the description of her beauty, Callimaco forfeits his lovely life in France and goes to Italy because he wants to have sex with Lucrezia.

At first, he attempts to seduce her, and says he will mary her and make her his queen. The audience then must be prodded perhaps by a clown or a funny character to judge how an instance in the play would be perceived today in our times.

According to The Seattle Post-Intelligencer: The woman who approaches Brother Macchiavelli the friar and the charlatan also represents another common citizen in Florence. The surprise ending is that she enjoys having sex with Callimaco because of his great body and consents to continuing the affair. The men abducted the Sabine women during a festival. Ligurio helpfully suggests to Nicia that an unwitting fool be found for this purpose.