The Lyonesse Trilogy is a group of three fantasy novels by Jack Vance, set in the European .. but which contains significant elements of fantasy and magic lends itself to use as setting for role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Aug 9, The good people at the Design Mechanism have shared this draft of their map of the ‘Elder Isles’ for their forthcoming Lyonesse RPG (based. Apr 13, Sorry if this is a derail of your thread but as someone who has not read Lyonesse: what’s so great about it? In other words, why is it a good rpg.

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I find Vance and Gene Wolfe to have similar styles. Aillas manages to escape and returns rpv the garden where he learns from Suldrun’s ghost that he has a son, but he is perplexed to see the Princess Madouc in a royal procession. The Butcher Red Wizard Apr 15, Unfortunately, Casmir reneges on his promise. By the Design Mechanism using Mythras.

Lyonesse Trilogy – Wikipedia

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Raleel Not actually a Mythras sales bot Apr 14, The pearl changes lynesse a number of times, impelling each new owner to strange excesses of conduct, until the final owner offends a minor magician, who takes him deep into the forest and casts a spell of paralysis on him. What, specifically, would you like to see raised to a higher level?

To this end, Casmir arranges for a colloquy despite having no desire for peace. Views Read Edit View history. After her death, the grail is lost again, to be searched for later by King Arthur.

Sunless Skies Come to Tabletop: The society depicted is in general of the later Middle Ages, with trading cogs plying the seas, knights engaged in jousting and following the fully developed Code of Chivalryand royal courts dancing the pavane and cotillon — all of which would be gross anachronisms when assumed to take place in the 5th century. He offers her the pearl, but Shimrod dissuades her.


Madouc is then kidnapped by Casmir’s agents but rescued by Aillas and Dhrun. At the very first paragraph of the first book, Vance informs the reader that the Elder Isles sank under the sea at some later time which, lyonese, readers can know for themselves by glancing at the map of Western Europe and finding no such islands off its shore.

King Audrey is distraught to find his army, though still strong, is slowly growing fat and complacent from mismanagement, and begins trying to re-assert himself as a military power.

Lyonesse RPG (Jack Vance)

The Troice army routs Casmir’s army, and Casmir enters the battle only to shortly after flee back towards Lyoness Town. Mix all that in with a good setting and this should turn out to be a great product. She meets Prince Dhrun at a reception and shares her knowledge with him, incidentally establishing a mutual but low-key attraction. On an unauthorized outing into the forest, she is separated from her bodyguard the stable-hand Pimfet and discovers her mother, the fairy Twisk, and learns the truth, including the fact that her father’s identity is lyonessse.

Lyonesse RPG by Design Mechanism

Casmir retrieves the baby and, none the wiser, takes her back to the castle. One view is that the characterisations of the various kingdoms are decidedly Euro-centric. The Ska are fearsome in battle but their weakness is their small numbers.

Similarly, the Ska are repeatedly described as pre- Vikingand indeed pre- Neanderthalgiving them a far richer presence than “cruel Viking raiders”. Curse of Strahd The day it dropped, one of the members of my gamer group – a fan of the PC version – downloaded it, read it, and learned the rules, so we put aside our regular game and slung dice in the world of Sunless Skies on launch day.

Aillas washes ashore at the foot of Suldrun’s garden. Friday, 13th April, Tatzel is proud and haughty; her worldview will not accept that she has been made a slave by an “otherling”, as the Ska refer to outsiders. An Atlantis theme haunts the story, as do numerous references to Arthurian mythology.


Aillas had, and Shimrod tells him that Faude Carfilhiot has kidnapped two children that were travelling with him.

Princess Madouc, unaware of her true parentage, suffers an unhappy childhood comparable to Suldrun’s, but has more spunk and actively resists the regimen imposed upon her as a royal princess. Glyneth, now Queen, gives birth to her and Aillas’ daughter, Princess Serle.

Lyonesse RPG by Design Mechanism | Sorcerer Under Mountain

After this aside, Casmir is arrested and spends the rest of his days in a cell ruminating over his defeat. Available exclusively through TabletopGaming.

However, it’s an ambush, set up by Carfilhiot’s enemies working together. Aillas returns his unsatisfactory slave to her father, and in a private audience with King Gax, reveals his identity.

Is his language florid and perhaps even a touch baroque? Aillas is still a vigorous young king, and by the prophecy which figures so large in the plot he would clearly live out his reign, and his son Dhrun would become king in turn, presumably with Madouc as his queen. Prince Cassander is wounded trying to kill the fleeing king Audrey. Polyhedral Columbia – Saturday, 14th April, Faude Carfilhiot, wanting to be a powerful magician but lacking the patience to learn the necessary skills, schemes with his lover Tamurello.

What’s new New posts New resources New profile posts Latest activity. Those are supplements useful for any system. Joald manages to partially wrench free, and his presence in the Atlantic causes a massive tsunami that wipes out Ys instantly and the majority of Vale Evander shortly after.