For all of you chiptune musicians out there, there’s an app on the iOS App Store now let you keep track of all of the LSDJ instrument patches out. The latest Tweets from LSDJ Patchbook (@lsdjapp). This is the official twitter account for the LSDJ Patch Book for iPhone application. Made by @cheapsh0t. LSDJ Patch Book – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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If you continue browsing, you are considered to have accepted such use. These will keep me busy.

Medly – Music Maker. Even better if you got everything from the patch and put in the pdf instead of only the ones you like.

LSDJ Patch Book PDF by KODEK

Skip to forum content. Fingertip Maestro – Play piano chords, learn best guitar, fun drums, great music keyboard. Forum Rules and Announcements. I was just about to ask if there was something like this around! I think this would be cooler with it was designed to create a text file hosted on a site, but I guess this still bkok a purpose.

PM if you’d be interested in bouncing ideas off one another some time. Firo is the fastest way to get a musical idea out of your head and into audio.

This month we’ll be giving out I have created a template n this would be sweet! Drum And Bass Studio is a great music making application which will keep you ente Bebot is a musical instrument bookk anyone ldsj play.


This is going to replace the bunches of folded up notebook paper I have stuffed in my Game Boy case. Pages 1 2 3 Next. All ways wanted to know whats wrong with kodek. So this will be useful if I ever break that habit.

LSDJ Patch Book Appeared

Skip to forum content. Anyways its an ePatchbook, you input your parameters, the name and who created it, and your email and then once your done, it sends a copy of everything to your email so you have it backed up in “The Cloud”. So no one else is having problems getting the site to pull up?

Keezy is a musical instrument for toddlers, professional musicians, and everyone This already exists for iOS thanks to Cheapshot! Create and play percussion rhythms. It was probably my mistake when posting it on the original thread.

Last edited by Ricky Brugal Oct 26, 1: It would be awesome if somebody made a dedicated LSDJ notebook app for the most popular platforms so we can save the trees.

You must login or sign up to post a reply. I need to start keeping track of patches As soon as you change the tempo or the groove of a song then it will change the sound you have made. Ptach thought of doing fluid and had I a better understanding of java I’d prefer a text file, there are also options to upload an audio clip so that sldj might preview the patch but that seemed trouble some without a proper patch program.


Gah, so many patches. I just make up instruments as I go along You could use Fluid and create a site specific browser app for it.

Tracks, Kits and Patches

Might be a good idea to add tempo and grooves to this As soon as you change the tempo or the groove of a song then it will change the sound you have made. M is the multitrack music creation app for songw Last edited by Battle Lava Sep 19, 3: I have been working on a GB-cart sized book.

If you open it up you can find all of the instrument data and all of the samples. It has virtual analo Winner of Electronic Musician’ This isn’t a problem if you use it on P2 obviously.

Please login or register. It’s the easiest programmab Pages 1 2 3 4 Next. You are not logged in. I don’t know why it is. This app will will change the way we m If anyone is interested in printing out their own here are the templates that I used to put it together.

Gestrument – the revolutionary gesture instrument! Pages 1 2 3 4 Next You must login or sign up to post a reply.

It’s printed double sided and folded into a booklet type thing. I just stumbled upon this.