Conn Iggulden is the author of Genghis: Birth of an Empire, the first novel in the series, as well as the Emperor novels, which chronicle the life of Julius Caesar. The gathering of the tribes of the Mongols has been a long time in coming but finally, triumphantly, Temujin of the Wolves, Genghis Khan, is given the full a. For centuries, primitive tribes have warred with one another. Now, under Genghis Khan—a man who lives for battle and blood—they have united.

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I knew shortly after starting it, that I would not be doing page math. A lot of people complain that Iggulden plays fast and loose with the facts. We are experiencing technical difficulties. The way he interacts with his brothers humanizes him a bit and makes him more than a cold military leader.

Genghis: Lords of the Bow : Conn Iggulden :

Iggulden’s novels really help me to experience the charms of historical novels I’m not a lprds fan of this tje, mind youmy knowledge on Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire is mostly from what I’d read in my highschool textbooks, but Mr. Iggulden makes the siege of Yenking and the battle of Badger Mouth pass sweaty-palmed page turners. Genghis now takes the united tribes to fight against the Chin. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Lords of the Bow: His wife, Borte, was an important figure in the first book and she was the reason he made many of his early decisions. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of I have found him iggullden to be a fascinating figure and one that on many levels I admire greatly.


He gains Genghis’ trust and starts to teach Temuge the ways of a Shaman.

My review for the first book: The fact we start with the view of a minor character is a good signpost for con rest of the book. And it seems their cohesion relied heavily on war, but with no grand vision of what to build in peace time. But Genghis will strike with breathtaking audacity, never ceasing until the Emperor himself is forced to kneel.

Genghis: Lords of the Bow

The differences are where the fiction part of historical fiction comes into play. But Genghis will strike with breathtaking audacity, never ceasing until the emperor himself is forced to kneel. Genghis shows up on the scene, con tries to sort out the situation. But Genghis will strike with breathtaking audacity, never ceasing until the emperor himself is forced to kneel.

Lords of the Bow feels more like a continuation of that second part. The perspective of the book flits through a decently-sized cast of people, most Genghis and the llrds around him but including aforementioned perspectives of Xi Xia leaders and citizens. Of all the authors I’ve read, I say Conn Iggulden holds the place as having the best te style.

The action in this book is non stop; from individual fight scenes to mass battles. It does seem that Fascinating insight into the mindset of the world’s greatest conquerer in written history.

He also finds historical events with enough action to give his stories glint and excitement.

Lords of the Bow

Though it seems a dated idea now, I began teaching iggulfen boys were told only girls were good at English, despite the great names that must spring to mind after that statement. Leader Genghis Khan continues to sweep all before him showing a vision for an empire that will stand long after he has gone.


Conn Iggulden’s iggilden writing skills make this book a joy to read. The efforts that Genghis army took to besiege the city and fight the army was extraordinary.

An Entertaining and Bloody 4 Stars If you don’t know any of the history and likely some mythology surrounding the infamous Genghis Khan, I suggest you pick up these books and start reading now. At times I was disappointed with this book. Thanks to the editor of the Chinese translated version of this book and all those footnotes in the text, here we can get some Mogul Empire History There are scenes in which a character is abusive to a woman that are mildly graphic.

Not exactly a monstrous goal. It’s gripping and you just have to see what happens next. How does Genghis deal with such an unfavorable situation? There were no battles, the number of main characters was limited, and you got to see Iggulden’s skill of writing this handful of people and how they connected with each other.

Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros: There is a scene of mass suicide. The first book shifted POVs frequently and focused on other characters however whole chunks of this book barely mention ol’ Temujin for chapters!

I am simply giving approximations. Writing is sometimes like cooking, and he knows just how much of each ingredient he should add.