Linn Sneaky level Digital Streamer with integrated amplifier. Perfect for fitting into any home or office system, Sneaky DS can be connected directly to speakers. Scottish hi-fi manufacturer Linn is hoping to fill that space with its range of enthusiast digital streaming – DS – players, and the range starts at. Sneaky Music DS means you no longer have to compromise performance for convenience. With an unrivalled hi-fi heritage, Sneaky Music DS combines.

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But you can possibly make use of the piece dds have running it to the external DAC which are cheap and easily available now. I’m in a similar situation I have a unitque though, which Pinn suspect is similar in performance as a source to the sneaky.

I certainly intend lonn upgrade next by getting the amps you suggested, although I realize that will be an interim solution before either going to the NDX or add an nDac. Both are priced similarly and both offer similar feature set. Majik DS is pretty cool because it has volume control and doesn’t need a preamp. Setup and adjusted correctly within Konfigit is a very engaging and natural sounding player, provided you feed it the proper lossless files.

Is it as good as the Majik DS or Akurate? Of course not, although I would jump up to the Akurate instead of the Majik as I felt that the Majik and Sneaky were closer in performance than the Majik and the Akurate.


Linn Sneaky Music DS – is it an adequate source? | Naim Audio Forums

Linn Sneaky Music DS – is it an adequate source? I didn’t like it through the Supernait. I think Sneaky is a balanced entry level solution and does need anything else. Like Reply 0 Likes.

I would have thought the linn sneaky’s dac would be more than a match for most cheap dac though.

Linn Sneaky Music DS review | What Hi-Fi?

Originally Posted by Steven Shaw:. I’ve been really impressed with the sneaky ds. I’ve been demoing various kit and it’s amazing the differences speakers make with the same kit. I would consider one essential.

I’m Just not convinced by needing three boxes for an amp when my nait 5i-2 did such a good job! Hi, I’m not linh for territory I’m afraid. I was seemingly happy with the Nait 5i-2 but wanted more!!! The sneaky and nait worked really well with all sorts of speakers.

Customers who purchased from the Linn DSM range also considered…

Luckily my dealer has since lent various equipment sneay try and finally things are starting to work much better, since adding the napsc anyway! IMO the nac should carry a health warning, “do not buy without a napsc”!


Originally Posted by AMA:. Indeed, maybe another thread may have discussion between ndx, ndac, linn ds etc.

Linn ds works very well though and supports all key formats. I suppose it may come down to lnn preference in some cases. I have ,multiple linn ds so dont want to swap streaming unit, however ndac would be ok of course as I could still use linn ds. Hi cs, your comments ring true with what I’ve heard from speaking to others elsewhere, particularly sneaky ds performance in comparison to cd players such ad cd5i, cd5xs etc.

Rather odd comment but appreciate your point.

I know that the likes of the sneaky ds and majik ds certainly sound better to me than many similar priced cd players. Things come down to personal linnn I guess. Membership Required We’re sorry.

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