Editorial de la Casa de Tharsis: The Mystery of Belicena Villca – : The Agartha´s Virgen It is our privilege to publish for the first time. El Misterio De Belicena Villca. Title: El Misterio De Belicena Villca. concebido hasta hoy. Posiblemente no exista en el mundo un libro m_s peligroso que este. Buy El Misterio De Belicena Villca. Volumen I by Nimrod de Rosario (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

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The Mystery of Belicena Villca. Luis Felipe Moyanobetter known as Nimrod de Rosario, was an Argentinian writer who deeply and extensively studied comparative religions, spirituality and mythology throughout history; developing a Belucena Cosmology known as Hyperborean Wisdom. He firmly believed in the existence of Atlantis, the lost continent from which belkcena different races migrated westwards after the Cataclysm, extending two radically opposed doctrines: Pandavaswe can mention, for instance: The struggle against what or who?


But he failed many times to do this, because of his own imperfections. This myth is also present in some in recent times very popularized theories like the one that states that Humans are a product of genetic manipulation of the Anunnakis, of the extraterrestrials and so on. Hercules, for the Greeks, for instance. Also, it is interesting to point out the analogy with anthropology: So, we have both, an animalistic perishable soul, and a divine eternal spirit two different things.

Dualism emerged with the enchainment of the blicena Spirit in the demiurgic Matter. Among this very typical and common conceptual distortions, made by organized religions, by the cultural establishment, the sinarchy and the new age, we also have to mention the issue of the Templers.

Nimrod de Rosario

So, the Templers were an evil society; they were the predecessors of current banking cartels and of modern freemasonic globalist lodges.


The bloody sacrifices and degenerated perversions they were accused of are still being ritualistically committed today by their successors, the viklca freemasons at the top of financial and political power. It tells the story of some enchained men in the depth of a cave; all what they see are the shadows of some figures what their guardians are bepicena.

One day, one of the prisoners manages to escape of the cave, reaches the outside and at the beginning, is blended by the Sun. Then, he sees many marvellous things, impossible for him to imagine before, and finally understands the truth about his former captivity he did not even knew he was a prisoner.

After some time, he returns to the cave to visit his still imprisoned comrades, talks to them about the fabulous outside world he has just discovered, tells them that this figures they see reflected in the wall are not real, but just shadows, illusions mayaand explains the reality of their imprisonment.

As it was to expect, they do no believe him, and they think he is absolutely crazy. We have seen the Gnostic dichotomies elucidated by Nimrod and his predecessors and how the Synarchy in order to achieve world government and total enslavement is always trying to deceive and confuse us. As seen above, there are, since the beginning of civilization, two complete opposed worldviews: The tellurocratic power of the firm earthand the thalassocratic one power of the see.

Tellurocratic geopolitics, developed among others by Karl Haushoferstand for self-sufficiency autarchy and for the integration not the fusion! Because all peoples are different; they have different ethnicities, different mentalities, different religions.

And they all have the right to preserve this differences, to conserve their heritage. Thalassocracy, on the other hand, stands for commerce, business, mercantilism and import-export instead of self-sufficiency.

This is very susceptible to degenerate from honest commerce into greediness, rough materialism, and mammonism. And in modern times with international banking this has lead to the creation of money out of nothing, to usury and exploitation, encouraging parasitism Usury is vampirical — liibro therefore demiurgic!


Current process of globalization is clearly a thalassocratic one. The final goal of this ideology geopolitically represented by thalassocracy a very long term onefor which the Sinarchy has been secretly and today even openly! This has been and is, as mentioned above, a very long-term process that accelerates and intensifies with the advance of the Kali Yuga.

It is like the famous tale of the cooked frog. If you put her in a pan with boiling water, she will immediately jump out and save herself, but if you put her in the pan when the water is just lukewarm and you gradually increase the heat, she will be slowly cooked before she notices, and explode.

Exactly the same has happened to us; they have brainwashed us little by little with the deceptive and subversive dogmas of the modern world. A message from the Amethyst Circle.

Finally he got to translate a part from the great book of Felipe Moyano. Now you have a version in English we raise a new era to find the way to our Origin.

We wish to publish the first version of a highly anticipated book in English: No doubt this book provides important information for all those men and women who fight Zionism and the system that seeks to establish a Zionist world government. So it is a matter of vilcla or death spread this book for humanity captive. Dowload the book for free clicking here!!!