Codigo Aduanero de La Republica Argentina – Edicion Actualizada de La Ley 22, Legislacion Complementaria Actualizada (Spanish, Hardcover, 3). Codigo aduanero. Ley No. y Resolucion No. /81, publicadas en el Boletin Oficial de la Republica Argentina, No. del 23 de marzo de Responsabilidad Estatal Ley Cargado por. Anahí Hannover. Código de Comercio. Cargado por. Anahí Hannover. Código Aduanero Ley

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Penal Code, Chapter I Article Determines technical and administrative biosafety requirements and procedures for facilities where biological agents are used.


Sanctions with imprisonment from years any person who poisons or alters aduamero any dangerous way, drinking water or any food supply destined for public use. Requires approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for permits for foreign trade in military materiel, outlines licensing provisions and also aduaner for violation under Act.

Natalia marked it as to-read Sep 18, Establishes detailed procedures of the reporting, notifying and publishing, preventing and controlling, medical treatment of SARS.

Its checks include verification of whether the goods are packed, marked and labelled in coeigo with the provisions of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code. Establishes a contingency plan for the transport and manipulation of biological materials. Establishes a governmental administration body to supervise observance of the prohibition against biological and toxin weapons, establishes a system of record-keeping, outlines licensing requirements for handling highly hazardous agents and toxins, defines government control and supervision over handling, defines the authority of inspectors and creates a legal framework for international inspections and establishes penalties and other sanctions for violation of axuanero Act.


For example, at loot.


Preferences, Leopard Pattern Br. Cami Sosa marked it as to-read Sep 19, Facilitates financial detection and hindering of illicit activies including those that could contribute to the development of weapons of ,ass destruction and their means of delivery.

Decreto-Ley de la Suguridad Biologica, 28 January Prohibiting the use of weapons and explosives. Establishes the universal licensing system for imports. A person who undertakes military preparation for using nuclear, chemical bacteriological, biological or toxin weapons as method of warfare, shall be punished by deprivation of liberty from 1 to 6 years. The States shall practice a licensing system for the import of goods which have quantity limitation or other limitations. Contributes to safeguarding of nature and the environment in Denmarkthus ensuring a sustainable social development in respect of human conditions of life and for the protection of flora and fauna.

Prohibits the provision of weapons to terrorists or those associated with terrorists. Export and Imports Permit Act c. Establishes detailed requirements for the criterion design of constructing laboratories of BL2 and aduanefo.

Chief Executive Order no. Section 3 classifies poisoned projectiles as war material.

Manual de Derecho Civil: Contratos by Guillermo A. Borda

Amendment of Actof coidgo Marchincludes, among crimes of money-laundering, the financing of terrorism. Republic of Belarus Coeigo Code. Governs the transportation of hazardous materials. Aims to prevent the introduction into Australia of serious pests and diseases affecting humans, plants and animals. Criminalizes the actions prohibited by WMD non-proliferation related treaties, establishing, inter alia, the extraterritorial jurisdiction for relevant crimes and determining the criminal responsibility also for different forms of complicity.


These data, formulae. Establishes the National System for Sanitary Emergencies.

Grants that the Argentine Coastguard is the agency responsible for detaining, investigating and seizing shipments suspected of containing weapons of mass destruction. Measures on the Administration of Animal Quarantine, 6 May According to the 5th article of the above mentioned law WMD nuclear, chemical, bacteriological and toxin weapons – article 1.

On crimes against the health of the nation related to possession poisonous substances. These officers may inspect conveyances arriving in or departing from Canadatake protective measures against infested conveyances and their cargo and quarantine persons found infected with infectious or contagious diseases that would constitute a grave danger to public health in Canada. codigi

Arms and Explosives Act No.