i started doing acoustic gigs in the early seventies. yep. i’m an old hand at this. i do a mix of cover of songs i like as well as my own tunes. the styles range from. Plenty of features for the money but too many features shared by too few buttons, so there is a learning curve. john kovacich(hifijohn)’s review of Korg AX3A. The new AX3A electro-acoustic model makes it easy to enjoy high-quality acoustic sounds. The AX3G/AX3B are extremely popular among guitarists and.

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Korg AX3A User Review by troubadour x

Each effect provides full editing that rivals dedicated units, for a high degree of sound-creating flexibility. In addition to compressor and limiter, and the other standard effects you expect, they include several types of stereo chorus, spatial-type effects such as echo, delay, and reverb, as well as unusual and distinctive effects such as a drone effect that adds a tamboura-like drone to your playing.

Additional “sub-parameters” are also provided, giving you more detailed control of your sound, all with a simple and intuitive interface that lets you create and control your sounds easily and understandably. Hi All, I have this for six months but haven’t used it much.

Multi-Effects for Acoustic Guitar but not in a brown plastic case that is not beautiful matter of taste and did not look solid objectively.

Two-way power supply lets you operate on batteries or using a separately sold AC adapter. I added the guitar brightnessI pass through a discrete compression or limiter then in the not too korg cut treble in the EQ.

One can imagine an exit to the Korg indpendante ax3a and normal output to the amp and you’re in for all situations. And if I count, the sensor and Korg do a total of only euros, it is the only really becomes a mind-blowing Compared to zoom, there is less and less choice of models of editable parameters, such as microphone placement on the zoom for example, but I think overall they are more realistic about the korg and we do not take hours to refine the sound.

Another 40 preset programs covering a wide range of styles are also provided, giving you 80 programs for immediate selection. If more than one acoustic sensor Whereas our piezo we were never convinced the issue, making them more credibles modlisation with the only bonus. It has a mute mode that lets you tune without producing sound from your amp or other connection destination, making it easy kotg tune on stage.


But hey, they lent me a Zoom A2 and jorg ‘ is the same boat. For this whole ugly story of treble, I found a solution: I made probably the driest and dsquilibr that is output from guitar, and what I heard out of Korg silent much warmer and natural that the official DMOS zoom a2 trs Soignes we imagine.

Professional micing techniques that require years of experience and expensive equipment can be easily experienced by anyone using the AX3A, delivering top-flight professional acoustic sounds even through a lorg line connection.

Otherwise I used korh pedals in the effects loop of my peavey w for the enhancer super clear up and delay-rverbes and the master volume and equalizer and tuner. The equalizer is tie up the notch-filter I am not convinced.

Korg AX3A **

Not satisfied with those reviews? Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. There’s a built-in notch filter effect that cuts the point at which acoustic feedback occurs, giving this unit wide usefulness not only for practicing at home, but also for recording and in live performances.

The output of a piezo pickup, which sometimes sounds cold and lifeless, can be given the distinctive woody richness and resonances that are distinctive of an acoustic guitar, producing a highly natural and mellow sound.

This series is now joined by the AX3A, a dedicated model for electric-acoustic guitars. The new AX3A electro-acoustic model makes it easy to enjoy high-quality acoustic sounds. Auto chromatic tuner with mute function. The reminder of the effects arranged on the housing is very useful but inssuffisant soon as we go into detail.

The enhancer is effective, but do we really need. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

Cel said, they sound pretty good, not mtalliques or anything, I am sr problmatiques guitars that will not be long. With piezos, I agree with the previous opinion, stating that it re-balances the guitar too dry like a parlor with an old piezo without preamp.

Notch filter effect that lets you cut the frequency point at which acoustic feedback occurs. Auto chromatic tuner and additional support functions The AX3A contains an auto chromatic tuner, so you won’t need to provide a tuner separately. I put six because of gibberish, and many of paramtres obscure the manual unnecessary.


The reverbs, delays, are extra. It provides a wide range of effects powered by “REMS” technology, including mic and body effects optimized for acoustic sounds, letting you transform the sometimes sterile-sounding output of a piezo pickup into a natural and mellow tone, and making it easy to perform with a wonderfully detailed acoustic sound.

Write a user review Ask for a user review. What changes is the equalizer independent of the other blocks, the notch-filter, the enhancer, and modulations of acoustic guitars. The most important parameter for each effect is accessible as the “main parameter” with direct access immediately after selecting the effect. I rjouis mode to use for guitar modlisation Whereas amliorer pizo my thing my brief testing, contained in the original presets dfilehave demonstrated abilities trs important and qualitatively high-flying.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Covering instruments that range from classic brands of the past to cutting-edge models, the modeling meticulously recreates the sonic characters arising from differences in guitar construction and body size.

The small downside is the kind of “digital noise” similar sounding cymbals with a bad mp3 compression Hyperacute becomes painful if you push the simulation a bit much. Together with the additional 40 preset programs, this gives you access to 80 programs for immediate use. Therefore be used to color the sound and not to change the sound of the guitar dramatically. Did you find this review helpful? Always the same story, the dcalage between what is meant and what was in the hands, a must pick for the amateur the pros do s’embarassent not only has your exact audible by the public.

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Faithful simulation of professional micing techniques captures the body resonances of high-quality acoustic guitars The built-in body effect simulates the body resonances and sympathetic vibration of kodg acoustic guitars.