Forms of Active Tourism Wyd. Uniwersytetu Rzeszowskiego, Rzeszów Kruczek Z. Kompendium pilota wycieczek, Wyd. PROKSENIA, Kraków, Kompendium pilota wycieczek / red. Zygmunt Kruczek. – Wyd. s.: rys., tab. ; 24 cm. Hasło przedmiotowe: WYCIECZKI – organizacja ; PILOCI WYCIECZEK. Kompendium pilota wycieczek, praca zbiorowa pod redakcją Zygmunta Kruczka, Metodyka i technika pracy pilota – rezydenta, M. Wajdzik, Z. Kruczek.

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The article includes an overview of the methods and tools used in research on tourism attractions. Polacy na emigracji — alkohol i seks.

Kruczek, Zygmunt [WorldCat Identities]

The Concept of Tourist Attractions 1. Former mines and distilleries have become technological heritage sites, and many structures are in need of revitalisation.

The ethical controversy of this form of tourism was summerized with particular attention to dysfunctions relating to child sex tourism. Cultural TourismTourismand Guidance and Counseling. The subject of this article is tourist attractions, which are the main objective of the contemporary tourist excursion.

Problemy pomiaru i szacowania frekwencji w polskich atrakcjach turystycznych more. Basic methods of research of visitors to attractions were discussed as well as the marketing methods used in the study of tourist attractions, research tools and examples of their use were indicated.

The role wycieczfk local and region-al government in the creation and management of cultural routes has been pointed out. The paper presents the reasons for the development of sex tourism pointing to the processes of globalization.

The Typology of Tourist Attractions 1.

The article discusses the status of implementation of the European Qualifications Framework and the Polish Qualifications Framework as wycieczrk as presents methodologies frame construction sector and its major records. Geography and Tourism Studies. Author, co-author and editor of the monograph: The text touches upon the issue of the specific character of exotic trips as well as the rules for organizing such trips.


Szlaki kulturowe a turystyka edukacyjna. The MS method has been applied to assess the quality of the tourism product offered by Koompendium Marketing Strategy of the Klodzko Land, Orlickie Mountains and Podorlicka Foothills has mapped out the directions of development of the tourist product. Methods and Tools kompensium Researching Tourist Attractions more. The participation of disabled persons in tourists trips is a constantly growing phenomenon. The oldest oil fi eld in the world, located in the Polish Carpathian Mountains, is ending its production activity.

From to two cycles of development are isolated, the collapse of tourist attendance in the mines being caused by external factors the collapse of the tourism market in the s and the flooding of the walkways in Structure, trends and prediction of development more.

Forecasts of tourism development for Europe. kompednium

Gunn and Rusk 1 mention them as the kompendum element of the whole system in addition to transport, tourist services, information and ma Help Center Find new research papers in: Skip to main content. The process of creation and operation of amusements parks has been illustrated on the example of the Euro Disney Resort, whereas the process of globalization has been shown on the example of the operation of the world leader in the sphere of amusement parks — the Walt Disney corporation.

Tourism potential of countries in European Union.

Kruczek, Zygmunt

An inventory and appraisal. TurystykaMuzeumand Atrakcje Turystyczne. The authors concentrate on the possibilities of using oil routes for post-industrial tourism as a means to revitalise post-industrial sites and ensure sustainable development for the region.


Keywords social tourism, benefit tourism, migration, emigration, immigration.

The results of the survey were used in preparing a ranking for the museums of Krakow. The methodological principles refer to the main groups of disability, i.

Segmentation of Tourist Attraction Visitors B. The goal of the present work is to evaluate the suitability of the Mystery Shopping MS method in assessing the quality of tourist attractions.

In the fast changing world we are forced to pose a question whether tourism should still be considered as a relatively narrow concept. A monograph, a result of the international conference “Anthropology of tourism – heritage and perspectives” organized in Krakow Poland inis a volume presenting different aspects of antrhopology of tourism and history of tourism The text touches upon the issue of the specific character of exotic trips as well Among various conditions for the development of modern tourism, tourist attractions play a key role: It has been proven based on a statistical interpretation that the MS method is useful in assessing the quality of services rendered at tourist attractions.

Grundriss der allgemeinen Fremdenverkehrslehre. The Hypothesis of the Mobility Transition.

Development and Globalization more. Marketing Research on Attraction Quality A. The latter ones attract over million visitors worldwide. The aim of the project is to present the Sectoral Qualifications Framework for the tourism industry.