DEKTOL PAPER DEVELOPER is Kodak’s standard developer for tray processing . Produces neutral or cold tones with cold-tone papers and warm tones with. Kodak Dektol is a universal powder paper developer for RC and fiber-based papers. Dektol delivers neutral or cool color tones on cold-tone paper an. Here’s a “classic from the archive”, written back in , when I was doing a lot more darkroom work. I wrote and posted this little write-up.

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Save Cancel Drag to set position! Photo by Dmitry Kumashov. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Hello, I’ve just finished building a home made box camera with which I want to travel around China taking picures or people I like for pleasure, and of tourist to make a living. I wanted to use Rodinal because it lasts for a very long time and it’s very easy to use, but only found Dektol in the store and I have never used it.

My problem is that travelling with 5l of stock solution is not an option, I have not found any information about if I can mix only a small portion of the pouder and then close carefully the rest.

The only similar information I found is a very categorical “mix immediately after opening” in Ilford’s website concerning one of Ilford’s pouders, but I don’t know if it is the same for any pouder or if they might exagerate a little.

Any of you have tried not to mix all the pouder imediately but doing so after some months? Thank you very much! Wayne Stevenson 6 years ago. You can always make up your 5L, and keep them in five 1L bottles and take with you just what you need.

Jorge Conesa 6 years ago.

Kodak Dektol Developer (Powder) for Black & White Paper – Makes 1 Gallon

Yes, of course that’s an option, but I will not be going back to a same place, so at the beginning I will have to travel with the 4 or 5 l. I just wanted to know if I have the option of doing it lettle by little or my only option is doing it at once.

When I first used Dektol for prints I made up 1 liter of stock solution at a time but found the powder went bad turned brown within weeks even though I had used double plastic bags and closed them carefully to exclude air and its moisture. Make up all the stock solution dktol store in individual 1-liter bottles; I use PET plastic blottles that can be squeezed to remove all air in the headspace bottles that contained plain seltzer water.


PET is a good oxygen barrier; deotol relatively impermeable and that’s why it’s used to contain carbonated beverages to retain the carbon dioxide. Solutions have stayed good for at least 6 months. Since my botles are clear, I store them in the dark. I’d agree with mixing it all at once and storing in 1 liter bottles.

Apart from the oxidation problem cited by mklw could you be assured that the portion of the powder mixed had the proper proportions of all ingredients?

Can you buy the powder in a smaller amount? Another option might be to mix up a stock solution of a higher concentration. Keep adding water until you can keep all your solids dissolved at room temperature. Then do some math to figure out what you need to ddektol to make up your eektol solution. And only take 1L of it with you. Might get lucky and be able to dissolve it all in 1L. Use a plastic 1L PET beer bottle so you can squeeze air out of it as you use it.

I seriously doubt you can super saturate the 5l dektol in one liter. If you are using de,tol for pinhole photography it probably won’t be critical though. I would doubt it too. But you’ll find out while trying.

Randy Stankey 6 years ago. Dektol is made by mixing several different powders together in specific amounts. If you mixed only part of a bag of Dektol or any other chemical made from ,odak powders, you have no guarantee of getting the ratios of all the ingredients right.

Kodak Dektol Developer (Powder) for Black & White Paper – Makes 1 Gallon – Downtown Camera

Yes, you can mix only part of a bag of Dektol but you won’t be able to guarantee consistent results. To assure getting all the solid ingredients in the proper proportion in each liter, mix the entire bag in one 5L container and put it in 1-liter bottles after all solids are dissolved best to wait 24 hours for kovak to dissolve.


You are using Dektol for film development and I don’t know what the working solution preparation is but for prints, it’s 1: So 1 liter of stock gives you 3 liters of working solution.

Vektol Dektol is a Paper developer.

There were some films made long ago that used Dektol for developing, like Kodak’s Super Panchro Press type B that was made in the ‘s. There were also some other types of films like duplicating films that used Dektol.

Convict J-man kodakk years ago. I wouldn’t recommend any lower dilution because times could be unstable and contrast barely manageable. Higher dilutions would be more consistent, but probably a lot grainier. Deltol was Tri-X in Dektol 1: Dektol is nearly identical to D I would not recommend breaking apart the powder for reasons mklw already mention above.

Also, I can attest that the powder to make 5 liters will not dissolve in one liter of water. There is at least grams sodium sulphite – well above the saturation point for 1 liter – and at that saturation, the metol won’t even attempt to dissolve. Dektol for film developed is way too active Thanks to all of you! I’ll take your advice and mix it all at once, It’s not as convinient, but I don’t want to take the risk of ruining the chemical.

Darkroom Advice: Kodak Dektol Working Solution – The Artwork of Charles W. Capp

Thanks again, take care! Regular Rod 6 years ago. If you have time to get the ingredients and mix it up, you would find PYRO to be an excellent kodwk for your purposes. If you do stand development you can easily double the capacity and end up with better highlights anyway. You can develop more than one film at once of different emuslions and by using stand development you can get good shadow detail without blocking the highlights.

Great if you are working in a great variety of conditions. You can read about it here: Have you considered working with a Caffenol developer?

Mix it on the go with easily available ingredients