There was a whole lot more of Klute in the original script than what survived in the film. It’s my besetting fault as a writer that I get wound up in my characters and . Klute script at the Internet Movie Script Database. KLUTE It looks like he sent her quite a few of those Holly — the girl — she recalls six or seven letters like. Documents Similar To Klute. HER () Spilke Jonze -Final. Uploaded by. Joshua David · Far From Heaven (). Uploaded by. Justin Deimen · A Single .

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As Klute talks he paces back and forth in the darkness. But most of the time the people I worked with, editorially speaking, with their own writing, were pretty kluge. There’s so much here don’t you think?

She walks in past him, sits down on the edge of his bed.

The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

He returns toward her. This morning they sent a messenger out, that you’d been trying to call me.

I never worked with storyboards. The decisions you make.

I was so sick of shooting it, because it was hard to shootwith a lot of problems by the time I was finished with it. He wanted everyone to do their own thing.


Sitting on a blanket on the floor are several teenaged boys and girls having a pot party. Her ,lute of hesitation. So I had to figure it out on paper.

Andy Lewis, Oscar-nominated for ‘Klute’ screenplay, dies at 92 – The Boston Globe

Jane McKenna had a black book; when she died it was stolen. As I remember, from my first dealings at the time with Warner Bros. I mean before — before I got this job — and they’d always say thank you very much and i’d feel, you know, brought down.

He starts on, simply assuming that she’ll follow. She may have been from Pittsburgh, someone told me. I wanted to get out of TV. So we just might move off Cape. But I think I have to make note here, before we move on, of something that caused some degree of distress to Dave and me both.

She pushes up her sleeve, points at tiny spot on her arm – a freckle. He was an older man! But the elevator’s not here yet. I like going from light to dark, dark to light, big to small, small to big, and good and evil. I can walk along the street, run into everybody, and watch my favorite movie on a two-inch screen. Without his even speaking to me, without his even touching, I knew that somehow — somehow — She casts away an accessory garment.

Speaking to the nature of paranoia, how do you feel it plays into this film? Then it comes to him, after all — he takes note of himself — he leans forward against his desk and rubs his forehead with old bony fingers. BREE Frankie kept them in the same apartment: At the same time, their instincts can be quite helpful.


Why hate and give and want and love? Lewis patented an innovative building design that he used to construct a prototype in Walpole — the house in which he lived until klufe died. You said that when you were young you wanted to be an actor. If you were starting out today, would you go to film school?

Her and the man. Why are we doing this?

Klute Movie Script

He’s on his way to Chicago. He grows more watchful, but containing it kkute. But, to return to the point, I liked these guys. You mentioned your first photographic work was in stills and you do still photography now. Again he has been made to feel like an awkward peeping tom in this hidden world of the city.