Page 1. Kitchen stewarding UNIT—4. In kitchen stewarding, one is required to maintain the kitchens of an eatery or hotel. This job has moved from being a chef’s. Home Interior Design Style Kitchen Stewarding Department Layout And Design Kitchen Living Room Kitchen Stewarding Department Layout And Design. KITCHEN STEWARDING LAYOUT AND DESIGN PDF. Find + best results for “kitchen stewarding layout and design pdf” web-references, pdf, doc, ppt, xls.

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Washing machines of different efficiencies, sizes, and cost are available, allowing operators to select according to their need and budget.

Kitchen utensils can be manually or machine washed in the pot wash following the same principles of Wash, Rinse and Sanitize. Stainless steel is cleaned with a detergent product specially meant for it and treated with de-liming agent once a week to prevent build up of haze and film on the surface. It helped me alot and saved my time. Wash with detergent in preferably hot water.

Storage facilities, Layout and Design – ppt video online download

Carried out either manually or by machines. It performs the following functions: Items must place by a coding system of numerical bin sequence or alphabetical index. The polivit method- The polivit plate, which is made of aluminium, is placed in a container together with washing soda.


Flatware and cutlery should be kept in drawers lined with baize cloth to prevent them from moving about in the drawer and getting scratched or marked.

While stacking the heavier items steaarding go at the lower shelves while the lighter items are stored higher up. However, here are some of the most common ones that restaurants and their kitchens should follow. Common Guidelines in Proper Garbage Disposal Each restaurant has its own guideline for proper garbage disposal that its Stewarding Department uses.

The ceiling of store should not be less than 12 feet from floor level. These are in terms of the temperatures to be maintained for the buffet both hot and cold three times a day.

Kitchen Equipment Register — to maintain the inventory of all equipments related to kitchen. Debris should be removed from the crockery before it is placed kitcehn the wire racks.

Sendhamarai Engineering Boom Lift. Garbage disposal and kitchen sanitation. Auth with social network: Exploring effective methods of carrying out various tasks Share buttons are a little bit lower. After drying the crockery is stacked into piles of the correct size and placed on shelves until required for further use. Ware wash and maintenance of silver room: Counters, especially the prep area counters.

Then they are rinsed and sterilized in another section of the machine. Registration Forgot your password? The silver room should hold the complete stock of silverware required by the different department to meet the day to day requirements along with a surplus stock in case of emergency.


The second method is washing by dish washing machine. A dirty kitchen can ruin the reputation of a restaurant, however good its name may be. It is then rinsed well in hot water and dried with clean cloth. Walk-in freezers and chillers.

Storage facilities, Layout and Design

Lqyout is the responsibility of the stewards to provide necessary tools and cleaning stesarding. If sterilized in water at this temperature the crockery will dry by itself without the use of drying up cloths. The silver to be cleaned is placed inside the drum, which is then half filled with water and a certain amount of special detergent and closed tightly. They take care of all the silverwares and the china wares stored in the silver room and are also responsible for silver polishing.

The stewarding department has to clear the garbage bins at least four times a day so as to avoid piling up of garbage, and the garbage and waste materials should be transferred to its appropriate garbage trolleys.