Burke’s Pentad (Dramatism). Kenneth Burke developed a critical technique called dramatism1. The foundation of dramatism is the concept of motive: the. Kenneth Burke’s dramatistic approach in speech criticism “Burke’s perspective on perspectives: Grounding dramatism in the representative. Kenneth Burke’s Dramatism. Life is drama; playing roles in relation to other people. Interest in the interaction of language and action. Symbolic.

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Furthermore, scholar Brenda Robinson Hancock used Burke’s dramatism to study women’s movements, specifically with identification as actors. Guilt serves as a motivating factor that drives the human drama. The scene is where the act took place, or the background of the act. Transcending the Sub-Stance of Dramatism. Interface of political opportunism and Islamic extremism in Bangladesh: Academic Amlong deconstructed print medias of the s addressing sramatism rights as an aspect of educating women about the women’s rights movement.

Toward a Feminist Dramatism”.

Burke’s Five Elements of Dramatism

Burrke theory kenbeth reference Contrast theory of meaning Contrastivism Conventionalism Cratylism Deconstruction Descriptivist theory of names Direct reference theory Dramatism Expressivism Linguistic determinism Logical atomism Logical positivism Mediated reference theory Nominalism Non-cognitivism Phallogocentrism Quietism Relevance theory Semantic externalism Semantic holism Structuralism Supposition theory Symbiosism Theological noncognitivism Theory of descriptions Verification theory.

U of South Carolina P. Dramatism provides us a new way to understand people. How we change what others think, feel, believe and do.

Dramatism and the theatrical metaphor. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 38 2 Purpose may be layered and distracting, for example where an apparent good purpose cloaks an underlying selfish motive. Humans use language in patterned discourses, and texts move us with recurring patterns underlying those texts.

Dramatism – Wikipedia

Language expert Kenneth Burke identified a method of analysing the semantic dimensions of language through a five-part ‘dramatism pentad’ that describes our living stories. Motives are a linguistic product of rhetorical action. As cited in A Note on Burke on “Motive”, the author recognized the importance dramattism “motive” in Burke’s work. Feminist scholars also talked about our ability as a society to begin to think in new ways about sex and gender, to extent our language burks duality to a broad ” humanity ” and to “human beings”.


Burke also noted how you can understand a story or speech by burkr how pairs interrelate, such as the scene-act ratio of Hamlet. The words scene, act, etc. For example, by examining the decision making criteria of Business Angels, Baron and Marksman identified four social skills which contribute to entrepreneurial success: Many speakers experience a combination of these two guilt-purging options.

Burke’s Five Elements of Dramatism

As Charles Kneupper comments on Burke’s work on this theory, that “i would concur that has been limitations in the application of dramatistic theory Rhetoric is needed in this process to build unity. The agent is the person or group of people who perform in the act. Other theorists argue that Dramatism lacks utility because it leaves out topics of gender and culture. This creates a division within the audience. How social skills can enhance entrepreneurs’ success.

Within the dramaturgical frame, people are rationalizing. This is what took place. Retrieved 13 March from the World Wide Web: To Fisher, it is where we develop stories to convey our motives within the criteria of narrative rationality.

We feel guilt as a result of our place in the hierarchy. The emphasis is on the expressive nature of the social bond. The theory, too, is desirable. A dance in a church, for example is not appropriate, though a wedding is. Retrieved from ” https: This Act is accomplished with the “Sub-Agency” of modern electronic technology, the mass media. His experience and knowledge in the field of communication makes him one of the most noted of his kind and his works and materials in all of his fields will remain as a mentor for all of us.


It may be a simple, single action, such as moving or speaking, or may be more complex and compound. According to West, [7] there are three basic reasons that drama is a useful metaphor to the idea of Dramatism.

Saying no to the existing order is both a function of our language abilities and evidence of humans as choice makers.

Burke is the first and the primary theorist in this cluster, but the others are important to know. Sometimes the speaker tries to falsely identify with the audience, which results in homophily for the audience.

Symbolic Motivation

University of California Pr. The politics of victimage:. Dramatists also concern the ways in which people both facilitate and interfere with the ongoing behavior of others. Typical research topics include corporate realm, business influence on federal policy agenda, even funerals and religious themes.

Thus, rhetoric becomes a study of how symbols organize human understanding, sociality, and action. University of California Press.

It is possible because Burke believes that Drama has recognizable genres. Burke’s Perspective on Perspectives: Countries and organizations can also act as agents. In other words, I may feel that the fraternity guy posted those nude pictures of his girlfriend on the internet out of jealousy while someone else may feel he did it out of kindness.

But there are indeed a lot of critiques on the work too.