KEMA 08 ATEX IECEx KEM Features. □ Wide temperature range . □ PLEXO connection system, cold-applied connection and shrinkable tubing. EU-Type Examination Certificate Number: KEMA 98ATEX X are recorded in confidential test report number NL/KEM/ExTR/ KEMA 05ATEX X. PTB 02 ATEX X. Electrical KEMA 08ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX SEV 10 ATEX.

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The heatings or heating circuits can be installed both in media-protected and also in hazardous potentially explosive areas. Pt resistance thermometers and thermocouples are connected at the measuring input. Due to the default basic setting only the setpoint and the alarm level s need to be set.

A green-yellow protection tube is pulled over the tinned copper braiding inside the insulation sheath. The bus status signals and alarms are also indicated by means of LEDs.

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The internal, galvanically isolated bus connection is established by simply joining the modules. An insulation entry bush is used to prevent the heating cable being damaged where it passes through the thermal insulation outer cladding. The use of these heater plates guarantees a maximum degree of operational safety, as temperature fluctuations can be efficiently avoided and, yet, the required minimum temperatures can be maintained.

Page 2 of 5. It works in the factory setting as a PID control device with a logic output and a relay output. The voltage for the controller is supplied through an integrated power pack with wide-range voltage.

The other sensors serve to monitor a high and a low alarm value. The alarm relay is produced as a change-over contact and the limit relay as a normally open contact.


Do not cover the fins, in order that free convection is not hindered. This self-limiting property prevents overheating even when the tapes are crossed.

Additional advantages of the laser welded heating circuits are the suitability for highest operating temperatures and the good chemical resistance. The relay output is used for alarm signalling. The terminals can accommodate conductors with a cross section of up to 2. In addition a digital input can be used to choose between different setpoints. Please enter code no.

The heating tape is connected directly to terminals in a junction box, IP 65 protection class. An optional gateway ensures communication to the higher-ranking control system and to the touch panel.

If the reading falls short of or exceeds the temperature value that can be seen in the bottom LED display, the output being used will automatically switch itself on or off to set the manipulated variable to the required value.

Dimensions Places of use include switch and control cabinets, transmitter protective boxes, measuring equipment, analytical cabinets for sample preparation etc. PFA insulation Explosion protection 3. If there are deviations, the external relays are triggered accordingly.

They are operated and supplied with the aid of the MC32 controller. Independent complete modules are available for each heating circuit to allow its operation as a proportional controller.

The heating circuit is to be designed to any needs by variation heat pipe size, electrical conductor size, supply voltage and insulation material. The resistance changes of the Pt Ex are converted into a temperature value and displayed by a control unit.

Once done, a status LED flashes.


Function The heating cables are integrated directly into the windings, i. Type Approval documentation Datasheets: The inner one of the two jackets is thermally fused to the heating element bonded jacket. This was a danger whenever the heating tape had to be led out of the insulation.


The information related to Ex certification from recognised test institutions is atx as information only. A temperature-resistant supply cable runs into the sleeve. In addition, it can be used for the control signalling of too low or too high a temperature or as an alarm contact.

N are insulated with silicone glue and a silicone hose.

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If the ambient temperature rises, the power output of the heating tape is reduced. Silicone cold applied technology 01100 for HTSB heating tape with cable gland, grounding strap and nut Set for cable connection and end termination Set for cable connection and end termination 10 fold set for cable connection and end termination M20 x 1.

This makes it easy to adapt the output to the heat losses. All parts of the system are grounded providing additional electrical safety. For relevant binding information the corresponding Certificate of Conformity with regard to electrical explosion protection, issued by a recognised Authority, shall be observed.

If the tape will be kemma, it is not necessary to replace the whole tape. The restart lockout requires manual resetting directly at the device. A heater of similar dimensions and power output is available for use in safe areas. Atx Terminal screws 2 x 1. The integrated wide-range voltage input allows the devices to be kmea practically anywhere in the world. This version is supplied without the earth connection.

The RS interface allows easy integration into the process control technology.