Sony KDSA Service Manual – Sony KDS55A 55″ HDTV, Tip, How- To and Do It Yourself Directions. Download SONY KDSA 50A 55A 60A 60A CHASSIS SP-3 SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. 1 Addition of KDSA and 60A Yes M Diagnosis J / “Supported model I SERVICE MANUAL S P-3 CHASSIS MODEL COMMANDER DEST. CHASSIS.

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Vibration can damage the lamp or shorten its life. To maintain the quality of your viewing.

Full text of “Service Manual: Sony KDS 50A KDS 50A KDS 55A KDS 60A KDS 60A”

Frame Schematic Diagram 36 French Rating G General programming. Recommended option for viewing programmes that have larger variation in brightness from scene to scene. The projection lamp, like all lamps, will eventually lose brightness and. Use it as a reference when operating the TV. To maintain the quality of your viewing experience, Sony recommends that you replace the lamp 1 after approximately 8, hours of use; 2 when the screen becomes dark or the color looks unusual; 3 when the LAMP LED on the front of the TV blinks; or 4 when the lamp replacement message appears on the TV screen.

It is time to replace the lamp with a new one not supplied when: Picture Rotation Correction 1 24 Hue Adjust to increase or decrease the green tones. MTS Stereo Select for stereo reception when viewing a program broadcast in Enjoy stereo, bilingual stereo. You can easily select channels or inputs sources and change the settings for your TV. Your previous settings are saved. Press to replay the current program from the previous chapter mark if any or from the beginning of the live TV cache.


If the picture becomes dark after using the TV for a long period of time, it may be necessary to clean the inside of the TV. A and other countries.

Pursuant to FCC regulations, you are cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void your authority to operate this equipment. The material contained in this lamp are similar to those of a fluorescent lamp, servixe you should dispose of it in the same way.

Summary of Self-Diagnosis Function – This device includes a self-diagnosis function. Select Normal to use the TV at normal altitude.

At this time, pay attention manuzl to scratch mwnual terminal bracket. Allows you to store your preferred settings. Service Damage Requiring Service Do not attempt to service the set by yourself since opening the cabinet may expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards.

For more information about PC settings, see page V-TRAP Correctin 1 In case of movimg the V spacer by changing the position of cen- ter screw on the V spacer 2 to 1, the picture center goes down and square to trapezoid as shown in figure.

Cool Select to give the white colors a bluish tint.

Sony KDS-55A2000 Operating Instructions Manual

The Data Precision digital multimeter is suitable for this job. Consult your local authorities regarding safe disposal. The TV has now tuned in all the available channels. Avoid touching the front glass of a new lamp or the glass of the lamp receptacle. For example, S button can be programmed to operate your VCR.


Turn the screw counterclockwise and slide the lever to the left. You can select from the following labels for each input: Do not touch the lamp receptacle once servce lamp has been removed. DRC Mode Creates a high-resolution for high density source i.

Allows you to customize the following settings: Kkds-55a2000 a stable picture with minimal noise. For Your Convenience Please contact Sony directly if you: Important Safety Instructions Read these instructions. Delivers superb picture quality from any video source by minimizing the signal deterioration caused by digital-to-analog conversion and stabilizing the signal processing. A ohm twin lead cable can be easily affected by radio noise and the like, resulting in signal deterioration.

The components identified by shading and mark A are critical for safety. Warm 12 Select to give the white colors a reddish tint. Steps to edit the labels are the same as Label Channels see page Timer 1 and Timer 2 will not be available until you set the Current Time.

Insert the new lamp by pressing the two parts firmly into place as shown. Press to stop the playback of a recorded program. Page 26 Advanced Iris By selecting the iris option, you can obtain the best brightness and contrast suited for your TV viewing.