An intermediate tutorial for JOGL (Java OpenGL binding). JOGL Tutorial, JOGL online Tutorial with reference manuals and examples. Alternatives to JOGL include open-source LWJGL (Light-Weight Java Game Library) @ This tutorial assumes that you have sufficient knowledge.

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Allocates a GLCanvas component. A satellite in orbit You will note that half of the time, the solar panel is dark: Nehe’s Lesson 6 “Texture”: If we would draw the cylinder now, it would be earth textured. Select the Environment Variables button in the above window, this should open the Environment Variables editor: Setting Up Download Source Codes: Everything in between depends on the geometry.

GLAutoDrawable ; 3 tutofial com. As for the perspective itself, that is something that GLU takes care of. First, a few words on how OpenGL works: With that, lets start doing a bit 3D!

Next, some global settings here: Where our head points into the sky “up”: Nehe’s Lesson 13 “2D Texts”: This section of the tutorial is not complete, however you can check out the source code for more information. If you stand in front of a tree, you wont see its “real” height either.

Directly at the center of the coordinate system. Content is available under Attribution 3.

JOGL Tutorial – JOGL Tutorial Videos | Wisdom Jobs

When you are finished, you glEnd what you started with glBegin. Then, we enable textures globally switch this off again if you want an untextured surface come nextand then bind the specific texture for whatever comes next.


We covered basic structures like triangles, quads and spheres in three dimensional space; directional lighting and material properties; and textures, which we all like so much. OpenGL mother site www. I hope you have been able to learn something from this tutorial; for improvements, I appreciate all comments preferably via mail to kain at the above domain.

You must to need a basic understanding of Java programming with exposure tutoial concepts such as AWT and Swings. GLEventListener ; 3 import javax. The ” Component ” can be easily plugged into any of the ” Container “. All these methods are call-back methods.

Jogl Tutorial

Once again, we go into the display method and set everything: The sphere looks kind of flat, but that is ok: Ignoring the displayChanged method, we come to the last and most important one:. The init method is called by the AWT event queue as soon as the window is ready; we can do some global settings here.

Choose the appropriate JOGL version that you used to compile your application, e. A jogp sphere Much better, I would say!

The constructor specifies the initial size of the window as well as the minimum capabilities requirements to OpenGL. If you like, follow me on this way A textured sphere And this is the earth! And then, the jol method, which takes three 3D coordinates: Active Directory Practice Tests. In this approach, all the graphics rendering codes are kept in the renderer Component class.


Nehe’s Lesson 14 “3D Texts”: Other sites have described that, so I will be brief:. Create a planet sphere. It can be used to perform one-time initialization tasks such as setting up of lights and display lists.

Display is very similar to java.

It is used to set the view port and projection mode, and view jgol. As we are in the init method, we can start it without fearing something is not ready in AWT.

The first thing to know is that OpenGL calculates coordinates using matrixes. When an OpenGL event is posted on the event-queue, the graphics sub-system calls back the corresponding handler. Observe and compare the results.

JOGL (Java OpenGL) Tutorial

You also need to include the native library path for each of the project. FILL means to fill the quads that make up the sphere’s shell; it is not the volume of the sphere. Other sites have described that, so I will be brief: The following links go to the latest versions of these binary files contained in the “Release Builds ” folder on the JOGL precompiled binaries download page.