Joanna Overing (born August 12th, in Takoma Park, Maryland) is an American anthropologist based in Scotland. She has conducted research on. The Anthropology of Love and Anger: The Aesthetics of Conviviality in Native Amazonia. Oct 12, by Joanna Overing and Alan Passes. KaplanJoanna Overing: The Piaroa, a People of the Orinoco Basin: a Study in Kinship and Marriage (Oxford, Clarendon Press, £8). Pp. xi + – Volume .

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Joanna Overring has spent a lifetime studying Amazonia. Specifically her interest has been the explicit philosophy of power, modes of equality and materiality expressed by Piaroa in their cosmology, shamanic exegesis, daily living, myth s, and rhetoric. A Study in Kinship and Marriage.

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Joanna Overing

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Available on Internet “Aesthetics is a cross-cultural category: Jaguar and Conquistador in Piaroa images of alterity and identity. A latter version published in An Anthropological Perspective, ovsring ‘the reality of the really made up'”.

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