Una vacante imprevista has ratings and reviews. I returned it to the library and my kids asked about the author (they recognized JK Rowling). They call it “denial marketing”: the process whereby the contents of JK Rowling’s books are guarded like the crown jewels until publication day. Una Vacante Imprevista = A Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling at – ISBN X – ISBN – Salamandra –

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In terms of writing style, The Casual Vacancy seems most akin to 19th century literature.

Una vacante imprevista by J.K. Rowling (1 star ratings)

Adult books Yes, I read this because of who wrote it. I couldn’t get into it. The political structure of this book was portrayed in a manner that was unappealing and tedious. Like I said before, I didn’t know any of them well enough to care that much about what they were doing.

I can’t tell you what the remaining part is like, but from what I can see, there’s no improvement in sight.

There was plenty more that offended my personal sensibilities, but suffice it to say that this was a lot of text with very little substance. Probably one of the most disturbing things about The Casual Vacancy is the overall philosophy of the book.

It immerses the reader in a richly peopled, densely imagined world.

Una vacante imprevista – J. K. Rowling – Google Books

When I was finished I just kind of sat there like, ” On the other hand, the novel is very much the prisoner of its conventions. The plot is almost secondary to everything else, but it can be boiled gowling to this: Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. But let me say this first: Only now did he realize that Barry Fairbrother had been his best friend” There are also quite a few crude references to uba parts, and female genitalia in pornographic pictures are described in explicit detail.

To ask other readers questions about Una vacante imprevistaplease sign up. I struggled along hoping to find a protagonist I could get behind and cheer for; yet, I continue to discover more and more scenes that made me like the characters less and vwcante.


And when he does cry and scream and pray for death, we feel it so acutely we’re doing it ourselves. I can’t even give it two stars merely because I can’t find a single thing I like. All this ugliness was hard to take in. What it comes down to is simply this: It would go from terribly boring to overwhelming. The Casual Vacancy is no masterpiece, but it’s not bad at all: Rowling said of her adolescence, “Hermione [a bookish, know-it-all Harry Potter character] is loosely based on me.

I lacked any emotional attachment rkwling connection with the characters in The Casual Vacancy.

So it seems like she got over this need to portray life as an unhappy imprevisga of never-ending sorrow. From Harry to Snape to Narcissa Malfoy, there were so many tangible shades of people, some more good and some more bad, but at the end of the day, with the exception of Lord Voldemort, which imrpevista a characterization in itself they all had some humanity in them.

So I knew there was going to be a book. True, there are the ten pages or so at the very end of the book where the Sukhvinder character suddenly redeems rowlign family relationships, but 10 pages out of pages of darkness and despair? But right now, she really needs that ankle tattoo. Did it add anything? Rowling was trying to differentiate from her children’s books by adding rape, pedophilia, sex scenes, and adult content.

JK Rowling: The Casual Vacancy – review

They call it “denial marketing”: Please don’t stop reading the book because of the review Rowling” on the next page. She also could have chosen to simply be more creative instead of trying to be another Franzen or Duncan both good in their own spheres, but this is J. Though I love the Harry Potter series, if you take the magic out, all you’ll have left is a lot of fear, death and sadness.


One character, we are told, “hated sudden death”.

Since I only with a lot of struggling read up to page. My readers will love it! And for the innocent, let them be. Beyond that, Harry Potter made more sense as a whole; it was mapped out without being rushed, whereas the plotting here is clumsy at best and nonexistent at worst, the conclusion coming out of nowhere rowliing another attempt at realism that feels merely contrived and melodramatic, roowling awkward attempt at making us feel.

Describe your most and least favorite characters in this book?

Una vacante imprevista J. If profanity is truly part of the character then I can usually deal with it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Also, she was probably looking for some kind of substance, because at the end of the day, this book really doesn’t have a lot going for it plot-wise.

Skip this one, from what I vacanhe see vacanfe would hardly miss anything. There was also a sense of triteness about it somehow; the emotions weren’t poorly written, just predictable, and as you watch the fourth group of people react in much the same way gowling the first, it starts feeling overly scripted and somehow false. The only person that could imprevosta close to being the protagonist is the dead guy who gave up the ghost within the first chapter, and it’s hard to retroactively cheer for his cause when we were never formally introduced.

Petty small town politics, gossip and soap opera-like romance? Yeah, it’s not a perfect series that spot is occupied by the Lord of the Ringsbut it’s a great read. Jo, we’ve had a long and happy relationship, but I’m going to bed with John Dickson Carr tonight.