Trwałość małżeństwa a szczęście – dr Jacek Pulikowski. Public. · Hosted by Audycje dla małżonków i rodziców. Interested. The title „A Crocodile for His Sweetheart”, is symbolic of what a man in love is capable of doing for his chosen one. It takes a great deal of effort for both the man .

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Intervention of Jadwiga and Jacek Pulikowski. We are a happy family puliikowski by God with many gifts. The Lord gave us a lot of time to serve other families.

We waited for our first child for almost twelve years. Now we have three children.

File:Jacek – Wikimedia Commons

This long period of waiting taught us that every child is a real gift from God. After our first daughter was born I finished my academic work and for more than ten years I stayed at home with our children as a full-time mother. It was a beautiful time for me.


Now that our grown-up children are leaving home we have more time for strengthening our marriage bond as well as helping other marriages. We are convinced that collaborative work for the families, a shared daily prayer and frequent Eucharist saved our marriage from all kinds of crises. We feel that we represent ordinary families, which believe in God and are part of the Catholic Church.

A Crocodile for His Sweetheart by Jacek Pulikowski

The responsibility of families, like ours, is to defend those who suffer and die in the name of Pulikowsmi and oppose those ideologies which try to destroy our marriages, families and children. Therefore, we would like the Synod of Bishops to appreciate and encourage the following people and value:.

We would like the Church to take even greater care of the marriages in crisis. We strongly believe pulikiwski the only true way to help sinners is to help them convert to God and not sin again. The return to the life in chastity and the sacramental bond with God will help them recover complete happiness in this world and… in heaven.


Episkopat Episkopat – English Episkopat – Synod Meeting of the Byelorussian Bishops with Benefactors of the Church. Dokumenty 16 November Diecezje 6 July Biskupi 16 January Marsz dla pokoju po raz kolejny w Rzymie 31 December