ITR – V ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AY B1 COMPUTATION OF INCOME AND TAX RETURN B2 B3 B4 B5 Received with thanks. (Please see Rule 12 of the Income-tax Rules, Date of Birth/ Formation ( A8) Name of Premises/ Building/ Village (A14) Aadhaar Number (12 digit)/ Aadhaar Enrolment Acknowledgement of ) · Direct Taxes Code ITR – V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. AY B1. COMPUTATION OF A 7 If showing loss, mark the negative sign in bracket at left. SEAL, DATE AND.

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Yes it happens, people have started getting the demand notice or 1 intimation so please wait for sometime. It becomes difficult to maintain too many unnecessary paper work.

Downloads > Income Tax Returns

You are requested to intimate the present position of the case. I have done the e-verification on 26th August. You need to enter the necessary details such as CPC reference number, refund sequence number, and date of birth. In this connection, please provide me the following information under the RTI Act Typically the steps to pay demand notice are: So what did your CA do wrong, can you throw more light on it? Do check your status again if refund is not credited.


You can wait for a week or so for acknowledgement. I have checked ITR-V received or not. But since as per my knowledge senior citizens are exempt from paying advance tax, you can always just calculate tax payable at the time of filing returns next year as you have done this year. If yes, please help me in filing a new one. Then i opt the last opt. As per Section B final tax liability, calculated on taxable income shall be Rounded off to nearest Rupees 10 ten and avoid any fraction thereto.


I am looking for my refund. Toll free numbers are Was there any refund due? Or is the ITR closed completion of assessment once demand is paid online. Author is FCA, Dip. There is misconception that once the tax return has been filed electronically, work is over until the next tax acknowledgemenh filing deadline.

I need your help. Short ans is Hire a CA or Income tax lawyer to help you through the maze. As you have e-verified through net banking ball is acknowledgeemnt CPC court now. Following is the data from the intimation which I got. ITR V was also sent.

ITR V Acknowledgement AY 2013-14

This time, we are filing for AY — Please visit cleartax or Incometax website by uploading your form 201, you will have to mention that the return is a belated one in the tax form. They are also available in your account through which you filed Income tax return.

Or the email id is yours! I am from Kerala. Also this year when I asked him he says it takes months.

Can you please help on my ITR status. Request you to guide me in this regard. After due date 4 and still it says that the end date for filing this ITR is over wherein I heard that they had extended the till Can you please tell me which is the website you are referring to here?


I just want to get your take on such schemes. Taxpayers can view status of acknowpedgement 10 days after their refund has been sent by the Assessing Officer to the Refund Banker.

You can also subscribe without commenting. For many of my friends they filed returns in Jun got processed only in Oct. The service will be available in English, Iitr and Kannada.

It looks like ur acknowldegement are right. So please let me know is anything wrong in filling the ITR-1 and if yes then what is the solution?

On itdnl website it shows contact to advisory officer to whom should I contact or what procedure I follow please tell. Did you file your return for AY as per income tax records? To find out the type of demand you can check the Intimation document.

The outstanding tax demand can be paid online as acknkwledgement I am not able to find details as the download button is not working as it was a manual filing I guess.

It is a one page document, pdf file. Will see if your income and tax details match with what you have filled in ITR. To avoid difficulty in calculation of Tax amount, act provides provisions of rounding ifr of Taxable income as well final tax liability. If this is the sequence you have followed, then your ITR is defective.