Iodine value means the “g” value of halogen which adhere to g of methods such as Hanus method and Wijs method for Iodine value. The processors of oil and fat are in need of a quick determination method of iodine value of oils and fats especially in case of checking the degree of. This test method covers the determination of the iodine value of fats and iodine value of fats and oils that do not contain conjugated 3 Wijs Solution ( Iodine Monochloride Solution) may be purchased commercially. 1.

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Back to tab navigation Download options Please wait Fatty acids are long chain hydrocarbons with carboxyl groups COOH groups. May 07, accepted: The Wijs method as the standard for iodine absorption.

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Saturated fatty acids will not give the halogenation reaction. Iodine numbers are often used to determine the amount of unsaturation in fatty acids. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Journal of Oil Chemists’ Society, Japan.


Iodine value

Back to tab navigation. The chemical reaction associated with this method of analysis involves formation of the diiodo alkane R and R’ symbolize alkyl or other organic groups:.

Iodine value or number is the number of grams of iodine consumed by g of fat. Hoffman and Green modified the Wijs’ method by employing mercuric acetate as catalyst and made it possible to determine the iodine value of a sample in ten minutes or so. Authors have investigated other methods of quick determination of iodine value especially for the oils in the hydrogenation process and have found after all the Wijs’ method could be appropriate by only shortening the reaction time to three minutes for the oils of the iodine value less than about The processors of oil and fat are in need of a quick determination method of iodine value of oils and fats especially in case of checking the degree of unsaturation of them in the hydrogenation process.

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These fatty acids can be classified into saturated or unsaturated based on the number of double bonds present in the fatty acid.


Search articles by author J. Unsaturated valuee acids can be converted into saturated by the process of hydrogenation. Addition of iodine chloride and back-titration with sodium thiosulphate by DIN So handle the reagent with gloves. This quick Wijs’ method gives almost equivalent value of Hoffman’s although it tends to give less value than that of the Wijs’ method. You do not have JavaScript enabled. Retrieved from ” https: Previous article Next article.

The fat is mixed with an excess of bromine. This bromine is added to the methoc bonds in the unsaturated fats.

On the Determination of Iodine Value by the Wijs’ Method

So it is important to know the extend to which a fatty acid is unsaturated. Fetching data from CrossRef.

Kapok seed oil [9]. This causes the remaining unreacted ICl to form molecular iodine. Register Already have an account? Unsaturated fatty acids contain vapue bonds between the carbon atom in addition to the single bonds present in the fatty acid chain.

Bromination of the double bonds in the dark, reducing the excess bromine with iodidebacktitration of iodine with thiosulfate.

The Wijs method as the standard for iodine absorption – Analyst (RSC Publishing)

Trans fatty acids are associated with health problems and cardiovascular diseases. Estimation of Iodine Value of Fats and Oils. Jump to main content.