This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Díaz – Chapter 7: “Invierno” summary and analysis. ‘Invierno’ by Junot Diaz. Alex Clark. From Diaz’s second collection, This Is How You Lose Her – unsurprisingly, men in foundering or vanishing. JUNOT DÍAZ riverhead books a member of N ilda. Alma. Otravida, Otravez. Flaca. The Pura Principle. Invierno. Miss Lora. The Cheater’s Guide to Love. 1. 27 .

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Invierno by Junot Diaz | Three Guys One Book

In the beginning of the story Yunior, Rafa, and the mother are scared of the father. The dense cultural relativism in Diaz stories make it seem as if the characters are never allowed to live openly, freely. I agree with you that the inverno pressed his family’s members’ emotion down since they moved in. Toward the end of the story. Your email address will not be published.

Thanks for reminding me what “Invierno” means in Spanish, I did not even realized that. In the beginning both Yunior and Rafa got in trouble with their father.

Rafa’s temper began to become worse, ” I would tug at his hair, an old game of ours, and he would explode, We fought and fought and fought and after my mother pried us apart, instead of making up like the old days, we sat scowling on opposite sides of our room and planned each other ‘s demise. Such as describe how the father control whole family by not letting Yunior and his brother going out to play with other children, punish them for not being quiet, critize Yunior for not able to tie his shoelaces, force Juont to cut his hair.

They feel really depress about their situation, and feel weak about the rules set by their father. While the kids and the father adapt to the state, the mom was having difficulties adapt to the new environment. Diaz makes you feel it with her walk in the alien snow, her children propping her up on either side inviernl the frigid element. I inviegno some other things that might work.


It is more realist and compressed than Oscar Waobut Diaz’s touch is unmistakable. The dialogues that the author placed in the story are so powerful, the words speak for themselves. Great fiction is built around characters that follow the fruitless and wrongheaded paths they’re offered, which jknot how readers savor safe passage into someone else’s impetuosity.

They watch about nine hours of TV a day.

This Is How You Lose Her – Chapter 7: “Invierno” Summary & Analysis

It is an engrossing, ambitious book for readers who demand of their fiction both juont precision invierbo linguistic daring. They are fish rarely swimming in their own ocean but more like sea creatures trying to paddle through a thick, cultural soup, and that soup is cold, nearly frozen. Like his hugely popular and heralded novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Waothe new book is written in a mix of Spanish, pop culture-speak and Americana, and reveals a perplexing web of labor, friendship and family.

Amazon iBooks Independent Booksellers. What life invierho did you learn or take away from reading this book? The narratives, down to the sentence level, are so densely packed with incident, observation and consequence. Although the title story’s ending falls flat, nearly every story exemplifies the beauty of Diaz’s minimalist and voice-driven writing. How long does winter last? Normally the narrator would behave but he disobey his father and goes outside and interact with gringos.

Michelle Quito August 14, at I agree with you, Rafa did change and became more mature.

Invierno by Junot Diaz

Posted by Dennis Haritou Dec 14, Reviews 0. Hiking with Nietzsche by John Kaag Sep 25, I think the author done well on the use of emotionalism, and the portrayal of the junto. The writing power is untamed by the text that attempts to contain it.

junof Would you have liked juhot different ending? The mom became depressed and lonely, “she had no friends, no neighbors to visit. This story is about a Spanish family leaving the nice hot Island and moving into a cold winter life in the United States. And it’s true the narrator did a great job in creating images, he didn’t hide away any improper word or moment but express all of them to us.


All three of them do as the father says so they would not get in trouble. Do you innvierno the title fits the story told in the book? Yet Diaz inflects this struggle with the complicated particulars of cultural exile, of want and of the bravado that is born of fear.

The only partly finished apartment buildings have a laundry room in each basement. This is a fascinating thing. In the last pages of the story “The Cheater’s Guide to Love,” Yunior examines the Doomsday Book, a folder of material his ex-girlfriend leaves behind after their breakup:.

‘Lose Her’ Finds Power In Resonant Voices

Eventually she cried at the top of Westminster, marks the end of the story. TV is considered the ticket to acculturation, to learning the language, and the more you watch of it the better. He still challenges his father somewhat when he decides to gout side and play. If you had to create a title for this book, what would it be and why would you choose this title?

I got into arguments with my family because of this. That “next book” would seem to be the book we have in hand, a book filled with revelations that offer the reader a deeper understanding of how one’s history informs one’s present. He has bought books for a large book retailer, for warehouse clubs, for a major book wholesaler, and has led a book club.

Diaz banks on the appeal of his characters to balance their less palatable qualities: Their behavior towards one another could be described as cold. Their mother really did change a lot and she did it for her kids as well.