Inferno is a mystery thriller novel, the sixth by renowned American author Dan Brown and the fourth book in his Robert Langdon series, following Angels. In Inferno, Dan Brown once again offers readers the same heady mix of history, art, symbols, and high-wire tension that catapulted The Da Vinci Code, Angels. Dan Brown is the author of numerous #1 bestselling novels, most recently Inferno . His book The Da Vinci Code is one of the bestselling novels of all time.

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University professor Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital with a head wound and no memory of the last few days.

His last memory is walking on the Harvard campus, but he quickly realizes that he is now in Florence. Sienna Brooksone of the doctors tending to him, tells him he suffered a concussion from being grazed by a bullet, and had stumbled into the emergency ward. Suddenly, a female contract killer named Vayentha breaks into the hospital, shoots and kills a doctor, and approaches Robert’s room.

Sienna grabs Robert and they flee to her apartment. Robert finds a biohazard cylinder in his jacket and decides to call the U. He is told that they are searching for him and want his location. Robert gives them a location near the apartment out of respect for Sienna’s privacy. However, when he looks from the apartment window and sees an armed Vayentha pull up to the location he has given. Robert realizes that the U. He opens the cylinder and finds a meal bone cylinder fitted with a hi-tech projector that projects a modified version of Botticelli ‘s Map of Hell.

Suddenly, soldiers raid the building. Sienna and Robert narrowly escape.

Florence Inferno Map

Robert and Sienna head toward the Old City, believing the cylinder must have something to do with Dante. However, they find that Florentini police and Carabinieri officers have sealed the bridges and are searching for them. The mysterious soldiers appear again. The director of the museum that houses Battle of MarcianoMarta Alvarez, recognizes Robert after he and Ignazio Busoni, the director of the Il Duomohad met with her the previous night and asked to see Dante’s death maskwhich sits in a room behind Battle of Marciano.

Robert realizes imfernul is retracing his own steps from last night. Marta takes Robert and Sienna to the mask and find that it’s gone.

Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4) by Dan Brown

They look at security footage and see Robert himself and Ignazio stealing the mask. The museum guards turn on Robert and Sienna. At this moment, Ignazio’s secretary calls Robert and tells him that he died of a heart attack, and his last words were “Paradise Robert and Sienna escape the guards, but the soldiers arrive. Robert connects the phrase “Paradise 25” to the Florence Baptistrywhere he and Sienna find the Dante mask along with a riddle from its infrenul owner, a billionaire geneticist named Bertrand Zobrist.


A man named Jonathan Ferris, claiming to be from the World Health Organizationcomes and helps them escape the soldiers. They follow the riddle to Venicewhere Jonathan suddenly falls unconscious. Robert is captured by the black soldiers while Sienna escapes. Robert is dna to Elizabeth Sinskey, the director-general of the WHO, and receives an extensive explanation of what is going on: Zobrist, who committed suicide the week before, was a mad scientist and Dante fanatic who engineered a new strain of the Black Death to cleanse the world of overpopulation.

Elizabeth raided Zobrist’s safe deposit boxfound the cylinder, and flew Robert to Florence to follow the clues. However, Robert brwon calling in after meeting with Marta and Ignazio, and the WHO feared he betrayed them and was working with Zobrist to unleash the plague.

Zobrist had paid a shadowy consulting group called The Consortium to protect the cylinder until a certain date. When Elizabeth took it away, they were obligated to protect whatever the bone cylinder pointed to. They kidnapped Robert after the meeting with Marta and Ignazio, but Robert hadn’t yet solved the whole trial. They gave Robert drugs to erase his beown memory, created a fake head wound, and staged every event up to this point so that Robert would desperately solve it.

The leader of The Consortium, having become aware of the bioterrorism plot, has agreed to cooperate with the WHO.

Sienna goes rogue and The Consortium realizes she was a secret supporter of Zobrist. She learned where the plague is being kept after Robert solved the riddle, and resolves to unleash it manually.

Istanbulwhere Enrico Dandolothe Doge of Veniceis buried. At the Hagia SophiaRobert and the other find the plague is in the Cisternbut browj that Sienna is already there. The bag that holds the plague has been broken, infecting all the tourists inside. Sienna runs out of the Cistern and shouts “fire”, which makes the tourists stampede out into the city.

It is discovered Sienna didn’t puncture the bag; it was water soluble and had dissolved one week previously in the Cistern waters, meaning that the whole world has already been infected.

It is also discovered that Sienna was trying to stop the virus herself, but didn’t trust the WHO because samples of that virus would certainly find their way into weapons research.

The leader of The Consortium tries to escape WHO custody with help from disguised underlings, but he is caught later by Turkish police.

It is implied that The Consortium will be investigated and ruined. Sienna receives amnesty in exchange infermul working with the WHO to address the crisis, since she is a medical doctor and transhumanist writer.


Sign In Don’t have an account? The book was released on May 14, by Doubleday. Synopsis Edit University professor Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital with a head wound and no memory of the last few days. The virus has no cure, and even with future technology, changing the human genome back would be hazardous. The human race, therefore, has been forced into a new age of self-understanding.

The secondary antagonist of the novel despite not appearing physically because of his suicide prior to the events of the novel and appearing only in flashbacks of other characters. A genius scientist and a madman who is obsessed with Dante’s Inferno, he is intent on solving the world’s overpopulation problem by releasing a virus. A professor of symbology at Harvard University and the protagonist of the novel.

A doctor and Zobrist’s former lover who also serves as the hidden main antagonist of the novel. She also worked for The Consortium. She helps Langdon find the virus Zobrist created, but her past relationship with Zobrist makes her loyalty to Langdon suspicious until the end of the novel.

She was a loyal disciple of Zobrist until she reads his last letter and decided to get his new technology before it can fall into the wrong hands.

She believes the World Health Organization will cooperate with other government agencies to use Zobrist’s new virus for weapons. She uses The Consortium and Robert to follow the Map of Hell and get to ground zero before everyone else, but she realizes that Zobrist had set off a futile search as he released his virus well beforehand.

He used fake eyebrows and a mustache to pretend to be Dr.

Marconi at the beginning of the novel. The Consortium’s agent in Florence with orders to follow Langdon. She is killed by Sienna in the Palazzo Vecchio. The head of The Consortium and the secondary antagonist. He tries to accomplish Zobrist’s wishes by securing the location of the virus from Langdon and Sinskey and to divulge a video Zobrist made before his death to the media.

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When he learns that he was helping Zobrist in a bioterrorist attack, he helps the World Health Organization to find the cure despite being arrested at the end of the novel. British front cover Elizabeth Sinskey: Ernesto Russo Marta Alvarez: She is pregnant with her first child. He succumbs to a heart attack prior to the events of the novel. The curator of St. Mark’s basilica in Venice.

A guide of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Retrieved from ” http: