The Secret Lore of Magic has 45 ratings and 6 reviews. Ita said: Crazy, entertaining but repetitive, often funny, very original. These were among my firs. Full text of “The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah” . II THE SECRET LORE OF MAGIC The Lemegeton (Little Key of Solomon) is another book examined in. Results 1 – 30 of 64 The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. I tin present writer is that it may have entered Europe through the. I again, in the works of clerical writers against witchcraft, the Key of Solomon i ii. It was ivries of die books which Jeronimo de Lebana con- i. These, he said, had been bought i’. This, from one point of view, olre not really important. Need it have had llore single author, and need he have been the actual historical Solomon, son of David?

This type of study, however, is outside the scope of the present work. Contentions levelled against the Key have, so far, been confined to criticism as unfounded as anything in magic itself may be. One writer says that it could not have been the work of King Solomon, because he was a good man. It may be mentioned that an occultist could reply to this with some justification that the Bible says that Solomon fell and gave way to temptation.

Western occultists have counter-attacked with the thesis that anything diabolical is a later addition, and does not belong to the true work, which is, they say, nothing more nor less than the purest spirit of High Magic, working through the Divine Force.

We know the Key in Europe through the manuscript copies which are buried in the great libraries of London, Paris and other centres.

With the exception of one partial version several hundred years old which is not obtainablethere has been no unbiased version ever seen in print, at any time. The manuscripts, diagrams and their arrangements and sequence differ from copy to copy. French and Latin are the usual languages in which the Key is found, and most copies date from the eighteenth century. But we must go much further back for evidence that the Key, or something very much like it, has existed for probably over two thousand years.

Even in the first century A.

Eleazar the Jew exorcised devils with its help, and with the Ring of Solomon which is so well known to students of the Arabian Nights. The book that Isaac used is, from all internal evidence, the Clavicle Key of Solomonand shows that its currency had continued from lhe first to the eleventh century. One copy tells how the Key was to be buried with Solomon in his tomb, and how it was taken to Babylon and then brought back hy a prince of that country. To return to the Arabian Nights evidence.

It is thought that a good deal of the material content of the Nights is based upon lories of Babylonian origin. These facts have led to a supposition that the Key may be d. The term I h rinetic is still used to denote alchemical and secret works.

There has been a confusion in comments and history due to the I. The Key of Rabbi Solomon, for example, is a totally dilh rent work, dealing with planetary talismans.


Again, there is another. It is distinct, however, from the grimoire which follows. It is extraordinary how, in the study of occultism, people seem to put the cart before the horse. The Celestial Intelligencerpublished in Barrett quoted original sources in his tome, and was the first man to reduce the available works of the sorcerers into a system of magic: You cannot buy a copy of the Magus without months of searching, and then only at a very high price indeed.

Few examples have even changed hands during the past quarter of a century. Levi, again, based his system of magic largely upon the Key of Solomon which we are now discussing.

The actual Key is not or has not, so far been generally available for comparison. That such comparison is sorely needed is evidenced by the fact that it is universally acknowledged seret Levi himself was anything but accurate in his exposition of magic.

Of these two important sources, then, the Key is now presented: This Section is not contained in all versions of die Grimoire. This is the general rule in relation to the secret doctrines of magical and alchemical kore. The text is as follows: This work of Solomon is composed of two books. In the first you can see how to avoid mistakes in operations with the Spirits.

In the Second Book you are taught how to perform the Arts of Magic. You must take the greatest care that this Key of Secrets does not get into the hands of the foolish and the ignorant. He who has it, and uses it according to the instructions, will be able not only to perform magical ceremonies: No operation will succeed unless the Exorcist understands completely what he is about.

The Destruction of Enemies i This is a rite from the Key of Solomon, which concentrates iipnii creating discord between and harm against two idriws.

The Secret Lore of Magic

This is almost mqgic principle of magic. This fact goes far towards indicating that it is die intensity of the magical force, rather than its actual characterwhich determines its efficacy, according to magical belief. This is what Solomon has to say about operations of destruction: It is important always to observe the requirements of the days and hours in which the operation is to be carried out, irrespective of the mediod used.

And the correct instruments, sercet and so on are to be used. The effigy is left in this atmosphere for a complete night. As particularly efficient conductors are regarded blood, bodily contact, food and drink. I he magician himself relied to a great extent upon his I.

For those who were unable to procure a cor- ii’ Ii in. Take a great Toad, kill him, and put him. I lnrse Dung hill, there let him lie, and the Ants will pf iiiiii die Flesh. In the Head you shall find a thing like a Stone, i n u nr little, the which being sectet in gold, and worn about a Mm “i Woman, it doth give them warning of any Mischief, or III in diem that weareth it, by changing colours in divers man- in ii.

The Secret Lore of Magic – Wikipedia

Another method, when the actual witch or magician was known, was to compel her to remove idriee spell, if needs be by force. It is assumed that most people with an interest in the occult sciences will have a sufficient knowledge of astrology to be able to work out the days and hours secrrt the planets. This is probably so, but the method of working out which days were under which stars, and how the planetary hours were arrived at, was conveniently simplified by Albertus Magnus, in his Secrets.


As this system is simplicity itself, and is given in the section devoted to Albertus Magnus, it will be unnecessary to repeat it here. Before determining the correct day and hour, however, the magician must make up his mind as to what he is to accomplish, and then read off in the list as to which planet governs that type of operation.

Solomon summarises these data as follows: Mars 4 f War, military success; valour; destruction; works Q of disharmony, slaughter, death and suffering; to obtain fortune in army affairs. Venus Q Love, friendliness, journeys, kindness and I pleasure.

Mercury W Eloquence, business; arts and sciences, marvels and T conjurations, prediction, discovering thefts, goods and merchandise ; operations involving deceit. Moon Travel, shipping, love and reconciliation, mes- sengers.

Theft new Moonvisions, water. Powers of the Hours i. Hours of Saturn, Mars and Moon: Raising spirits, works of hatred and enmity. Games, jokes, pastimes, detection of theft with the aid of spirits. I lours of Jupiter and the Sun: Works of invisibility, love and well-being, and all unusual experiments.

Constructive efforts to be done when ilie Moon is New. Discord and Hatred succeed when the Lire i.

Full text of “The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah”

Invisibility and Death only when the Moon is almost obscured. The Zodiacal Signs and the Moon in magical operations: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. In the days when every man had to be his own astrologer and had to work out his own tables, the above data alone would have taken some time to calculate. The law of supply and demand does not seem to hold true in magic; for nowadays there are probably fewer magicians, and aspectarians appear in astrological magazines: This is in line with the standard requirements of High Magic, and dates at least as far back as the Babylonian tablets, which give us a formula for the consecration of the Circle of Protection.

The first requirement, then, is for the magician to decide upon what he wants to achieve, what spirit will be invoked to accomplish the deed.

This continues during the preparation and dedication of the robes and accessories, until the actual time of the operation, which takes place according to the data of times and powers of the planets. This means that he and his assistants must abstain for at least nine days from all unworthy and sensual things. I If should even fast for three of those days—or at least eat most I hi ‘.

After sue days, the Prayer and Confession are to be read. Then the magus intones: Those which have already been used by a. Jerome 1 1 1 11 “. On the breast is embroidered in red silk, and with a consecrated needle1 this: The Shoes The footwear of the Art are also white, with these signs on them: The signs are the Hebrew Names of God: On die breast is embroidered in red silk, and with a consecrated needle1 this: