Download Citation on ResearchGate | DIALEKTIKA PENDIDIKAN ETIKA DALAM ISLAM (Analisis Pemikiran Ibnu Maskawaih) | p> Bahasa. View the profiles of people named Ibnu Maskawaih. Join Facebook to connect with Ibnu Maskawaih and others you may know. Facebook gives people the. Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Ya`qub, surnamed Miskawaih, is also called Abu ‘Ali al-Khazin. It is yet undecided whether he was himself Miskawaih or the son of.

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Despite this, people differ in receptivity to training as regards eagerness for it, and their share of virtuous morality and fine dispositions [30]. Some of those he referred to distinctly in his writings, such as al-Kindi or al-Farabi, while with others he was content to mention their ideas only.

I, V, VI, ed. It is only a kind of good and has no distinctive and autonomous essence. He considers that religion retains man in his state of childhood and boyhood, where the faculty of the intellect is weak, while philosophy and supreme happiness remain for the human being’s youth and manhood, where his intellect is mature and he knows how to use it towards the highest virtues and most perfect aims [18].

It was in this century that Abu ‘Ali Ahmad b. Numbers 2, 3, 13 are now extant and have been published. We, however, cannot determine exactly whether these sub-divisions and distinctions are all Miskawaih’s own. Only a few,–Maskawaih thinks,–are by nature good, and. Historical Dictionary of Islam. Philosophers by century CE. As a result of human beings living together with others, and being in contact with them, their experience is enriched and virtues are rooted in their soul by way of putting these virtues into practice.

What comes under these headings is in the Epistle of Policy, a precise summary of what is in Bryson’sbook already mentioned [62]. This may be born out by the fact that Miskawayh’s talking about training young boys was only one part of his ethical thinking, and was mwskawaih one of his precisely intended aims.


Uns al-Farid a collection of anecdotes, verses, maxims, and proverbs. This is what Ibn Miskawayh states and this is precisely what is written in the Epistles of Ikhwan al-Safa. To sum up the foregoing, the basic aim of training and exercise and acquisition of knowledge, and working by it, is the refinement and purification of the soul: The basic responsibility for this falls upon the parents [42].

The Ethical Theory of Education of Ahmad Miskawayh | Muslim Heritage

In Miskawayh’s view, the educator is meant to make the boy despise the idea of food, and should reduce its amount and its variety; so he should restrict himself to one kind when he is eating, and should sometimes eat dry bread on its own.

Secondly, the first form cannot go elsewhere, because motion in place applies only to bodies, and accidents cannot go from one place to another.

For the same reason it is changeable and not eternal. Views Read Edit View history. In connection with this, too, Miskawayh warns against sleeping for too long; for this makes him lazy, dulls his mind, and deadens his thought; and he mwskawaih the boy must be prevented from sleeping at all during the day [49].

History of Philosophy in Islam: IV. The Neo-Platonic Aristotelians of the East: 3. Ibn Maskawaih

Many Muslims excelled in the branches of learning known at that time. The IbnMiskwaih writing has laid the verbal and nonverbal communication, intra-personal communication, interpersonal communication, group communication and also mass communication. Scenes of teaching and learning in Islamic history Source.

Yaqut says that he was first a Magi majusi and was later converted to Islam. He may even stretch out his hand to other people’s possessions, or may transmit stories which inbu hears, and may be overinquisitive.

Miskawayh himself worked as a librarian for the libraries of a number of the viziers ministers of the Buwayhids during the Abbasid rule.

Chapter 24: Miskawaih

In addition to this, what he would acquire as a result of this endeavour would be much clearer when the soul freed itself from the body; for the reward is for later, when this life is finished, when the spirit will obtain closeness to the Perfectly Happy, as has already been mentioned.


Just as he was influenced by the Greek philosophers, so he was by his predecessors and contemporaries among the Muslim philosophers and scholars. In addition, there are conditions in the environment surrounding the human being, inasmuch as human society is one of the basic conditions of reaching supreme happiness.

It commences with a treatise on the Essential Nature of the Soul. Haqqi, in Ilahiyat Fak. This definition, which is supposed to be perhaps that of Eudoxus c.

For the work contains, in general, the majority of opinions which he introduced in this subject, although he did aim for a basis to acquaint the reader with the way to reach the supreme happiness.

Abu Hamid al-Ghazali may have done just the same, although he does not indicate that he borrowed from anyone.

The Ethical Theory of Education of Ahmad Miskawayh

He then became a superior human being. Affection, thus, is the sovereign; justice is the vicegerent. The ihnu must not drink during the meal, and must beware of wine and any kinds of intoxicating drinks, for these are harmful to both body and soul. Some pretend that they need very little, but even this very little needs the services of a great number of people. Then is born the lowest of animals. For the philosophers, or those who were influenced by the new philosophies, opposed the spirit of Islam and what was decreed by the Tradition hadith and sunna of the Prophet, in this point in particular, where they confined themselves to men in expressing their educational opinions, and kept women well outside their concerns in the sphere of teaching [67].

For each one of these kinds of wretchedness or illnesses there is a treatment, with which the intelligent man can heal himself, if he tries to set jbnu free.