This IBM® System Storage™ TS Tape Library Maintenance Information (MI) When you send information to IBM, you grant IBM a non-exclusive right to. This publication provides information about operating the IBM System Storage TS, IBM Tape Library. The IBM Tape Library is a. Note There are two versions of the IBM TS Tape Library Introduction and to the TS tape library with the Advanced Library Management System ( ALMS), IBM TS Maintenance Information (provided with the TS tape library) and servers for tape drives, visit the web at lto.

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They are designed for environments that require a high-performance tape solutions. The Magstar B18 Virtual Tape Server is packaged as a stand alone unit that can be a maximum of 14 meters from the associated drive unit frame.

Services Financial Logistics Technical. The library capacity and number of drives can be expanded to meet changing needs. Standard cartridge capacity upgrades up to 1, cartridges with minimal disruption to ongoing production operations.

Ts3500 Tape Library Manual

The S10 expands the tape cartridge storage capability of the Magstar Tape Library. The HA1 includes a second library manager and accessor, two service bays and required hardware and makntenance designed for concurrent maintenance. Performance starts at 90 exchanges per hour and upgrades up to exchanges per hour.

Each Model D32 frame can have up to 12 logical libraries and 12 control paths.

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Optional drive, storage, and Virtual Tape Server units may be added as needed, to create an automated tape library with up to 66 physical tape drives, virtual tape drives, and up to 6, tape cartridges. Attaches to or Model Abstract HA1 The HA1 includes a second library manager and accessor, two service bays and required hardware and is designed for concurrent maintenance.

Up to five D32 expansion frames may be added to each base frame. Use of Cookies This site uses cookies for statistics and settings. Each Model D23 supports up to cartridge slots and up to 12 Tape Drives, with an incremental reduction of storage slots for each set of four tape drives installed. The ACF can be quickly loaded with a new magazine.


Each time the library door is closed, a bar code reader mounted on the autochanger is designed to scan the cartridge labels enabling a re-inventory of the cartridges in the library frame in as little as 60 seconds. Up to four E11s can be installed in a rack, thus reducing the floor space required. The HA1 contains no storage cells for tape cartridges. Up to five D42 expansion frames may be added to each base frame. The L10 can be upgraded to a L12 or L IBM Tape cartridge Extended.

The IBM B18 Magstar Virtual Tape Server, a second generation Seascape solution, provides improved performance and capacity to lower the total cost of ownership for tape processing. It can also be attached as a free-standing tap to a C12 Silo Compatible Frame.

Model upgrades beyond the Model EU6 will not be available. It is designed to grow as your storage and usage needs grow. Its versatility makes it well suited for smaller and mid-sized companies, smaller sites of large companies, remote sites, dedicated applications and other environments initially requiring smaller increments of automated storage granularity. By using this site you agree to this. All informattion plus remote console support, SNMP management capabilities, multi-host attachment, and modular design make the flexible, easy to use, and incormation best choice in automated lobrary library solutions.

For bulk-loading of tape cartridges, the library door can be opened. Through this change, the E05 canister is upgraded to include the components necessary to achieve the media capacity and performance points of the EO6 tape drive through the Miscellaneous Equipment Ys3500 MES process. The B16 contains tape cartridge storage cells. The WolfCreek Tape Library is a lower cost-of-entry, robotic library allowing shared data access across mainframe and midrange platforms.

It does not contain any tape drives or storage cells for customer data cartridges. Each Model D32 frame supports up to storage slots and up to twelve drives, with incremental reduction of storage slots for each set of four drives installed. Click to read more. The subsystem includes tape drives and controllers that can be configured in a broad range of solutions that ingormation stand-alone frames or librarry, or in automated library solutions to meet a diverse set of customer requirements.


A door lock sytsem included to restrict physical access to cartridges in the library. Gedevasevej 37 DK Farum, Denmark. Attaches to A60 and tape drives in Model C12 or C This model has the same footprint as the Model L52, which is a smaller footprint than the Models L32 or D Up to 12 logical libraries one per tape drive can be configured for each frame.

Hexagonal-shaped cabinet requires less floor space than other automated systems and minimizes robotic time.

It delivers almost unlimited automated data storage potential, regardless of environment.

The base configuration of no tape drive unit and tape cartridge storage cells can be expanded with up to a total of four tape drive units and tape storage cells. Model EU6 will assume only any remaining warranty entitlements or the service status of Model E05 that has been upgraded. The S10 consists of tape cartridge storage cells and no tape drives. Its offers significant performance improvements over the A50 Controller. The total quantity of supported tape drives is dependent on the combination of installed B16s and tape subsystems.

Each virtual volume can now have a maximum capacity of 2. Flexible configuration choices start at a single frame with up to two tape drives and up to tape cartridges.

Data capacity for the Model D22 using data cartridges is to TB native and to TB using data compression at 3: For bulk-loading of tape cartridges the library door librwry be opened. Attaches to Model A14 frame or. With data compression and a 32 K blocksize, the Model J1A is designed to offer up to 2.

The WolfCreek Tape Library provides automated shared storage to a wide variety of open and proprietary operating environments at a smaller investment. This maintenajce has the same footprint as the Model L52, which is a smaller footprint than the Model L