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The most painful to deal with are those that think their magic is a gift from God, who can’t understand why brothers in Christ want to hurt them so much, who resist confession fervently. But the real horrors, they hold, were devised only when the witches moved in. Eliminating monsters just treats the symptoms, not the disease: They tend to smile, nod, and not listen to a word. The power of human sacrifice or scarification is likely something else entirely. Null Mysteriis is fascinated by the sheer variety of witches.

No other group is better placed to witness the damage witches can do. Sometimes that means a truce or pact, and other times it means breaking in to steal stuff or kill the guy and take his shit. They were defeated in the early 19th century by the East India Company, who spread the story that they were a Kali cult.

It is true, and it is where the Three Hundred Survivors died. Each of the Conspiracies also gets a new Endowment, specifically aimed at hunting witches, and there are several new Tactics as well, like Excision lobotomy that prevents a witch from using magic and Corruption changing the ‘feng shui’ of a site so it doesn’t generate power for a witch.

Barrett felt Cheiron was an ideal symbol for his company. Crowe insists this has nothing to do with the investigation. Some of them seek to bring about the end of the world, while others believe that by sacrifice they can keep their outer gods from consuming the world. The drugs were good but not very cheap, and the man sent him to Moradabad, northwest of Delhi – a place of little trouble and known for its brass goods, so he decided to buy a hookah there.


Hell, the Field Projects Divison handbook of the Cheiron Group reads like them, except with added psuedo-scientific explanations.

FATAL & Friends — Hunter: The Vigil: Witch Finders

Her hair is braided and adorned with always-fresh oil and vjgil ornaments in ancient styles not conforming to any known civilization. Null Mysteriis tend to specialize in testing theories on the fly with witches, fudging things to work out later in order to reach a useful conclusion.

If the American people knew how often they needed to be protected from witches, they’d shit themselves. The thrtee youngest daughters come the next night to the bed of Gilgamesh, graphically pleasure him and then pluck the flower from his gut.

This has been proven in court. He steals the sun. The original Nibiru did exist – a society of women dedicated to overthrowing Sumerian witches. Sometimes it’s just muscle, sometimes it’s ivgil than that. How do you tell? They have strong feelings on them. Cajean is tne equating the idea of Revolution with a Devil, but certainly the Terror does give him some weight.

He asnd his troops wer mostly looking for an excuse to shoot natives. Most, however, think that’s insane and dumb. But if they are, they’d better not trust their hunter buddies when their friends show up – the friends with hardcore views on Bible verses about witches. A thousand men of the Cult of the Phoenix dedicated themselves to the death of the king, though only via the aid of the sister, Nitocris, who was of the cult.

SinceMadeleine has been translating the songs. They argue briefly, and Lewis insists this is about Crowe’s daughter, who somehow escaped the institution after two years of imprisonment there. They are hujter scouts of the End Times. But the point is, witches and witcnfinders damage the culture of democracy. Hunters know vigjl magic is dangerous, that witches must be watched. The Panopticon had, he said, monitoring and information-finding tools that dwarfed the NSA, but they had no force projection capability.


But now he is blind. They spread south to Great Zimbabwe by witchhfinders s. This often holds clues witchfindders the witch’s mindset that can be taken advantage of.

The Cheiron Group is controlled by a consortium of witches. At times, the conditioning takes too well, and the agents become inured to reality deviance, unable to separate it from reality.

The Aegis do their best to stamp out that kind of crazy whenever they find them, even if they secretly hope such a scheme might work. But no divine or demonic intervention, at least.

It’s hard to hate over things from millenia ago, really, and if a witch isn’t hurting anyone or mucking around with the building blocks of reality, aren’t they beng kept in check, just like they should be? The three youngest daughters steal the heads.

They have successfully protected their right to privacy in court.

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He dies, his magic failing. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Of course, there are those witches that claim to want to restore the world to its glorious, pre-cataclysm state. While any one ability could be the subject of a number hunted theories, a few witches can do all of them, it seems. The Lucifuge hunt them to return those shards where they belong, hoping it’ll balance the books before anyone notices.

She never shows up at her meetign with Jack, though.