Elf Quest Pack. (Enter the forbidden mirror maze if you dare!) The story line. Greetings, bravest of all Elves! The Queen of the Elven Kingdom anxiously awaits . Early ads for HeroQuest emphasized the collaboration between Milton Bradley and Games Workshop involving Jervis Johnson, John Blanche and others. Contents of the HeroQuest Quest Packs. released in the US: 1) Kellar’s Keep: 2 ) The Return of the Witch Lord: 3) Barbarian Quest Pack: 4) Elf Quest Pack.

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Kellar’s Keep added new quests, new items and artifacts and a further batch of monster figures more Orcs, Goblins and Fimir.

We wuest the manual and based on that we found the following. Pad of Character Sh Classic Hero Quest Game System.

Complete copy of Advanced HeroQuest! The character players and the evil wizard player use the same dice, but the evil wizard player has a smaller chance of rolling uqest specific shield. On some quests, searching for treasure in certain rooms will yield a particularly valuable artifact.

The game is played on a grid representing the interior of a dungeon or castlewith walls segmenting the grid into rooms and corridors. But Zargon could not wait; each night he broke into eld study and read my spell books.

These are not able to be mixed and matched like I do with my other dice.

Elf weapon qiest is slightly tarnished at tip. Trap tiles are only placed onto the board once a hero trips the trap. Of these, only spear traps and chest traps do not appear on the board as they are activated only once and then they have no lingering effects.

The game ends when every player has either returned to the spiral staircase, exited by a door or been killed by the evil wizard.


Best viewed with HeroQuest Fonts installed.

If you survive, you and your fellow Heroes will then venture into the forbidden Realm of Reflection – where all hefoquest not as it seems. Browse Related Browse Related.

More likely, however, the quest will not have specified any treasure for the current location and instead a treasure card is taken. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. I am not an expert on this game. The evil wizard first places the entry point on the map, usually a spiral staircase, although on some quests the players enter via an external door or begin in a specific room.

The players may also start the quest with items collected on previous quests, such as extra weapons, armor, and magic items. Skip to main content.

How You Can Use the Quest Packs Without Buying Them

Doors, monsters and other objects are placed on the board by the evil wizard player according to line of sight. This item is heroquesr must have addition to any collection. HeroQuestsometimes written as Hero Questis an adventure board game hroquest by Milton Bradley in conjunction with the British company Games Workshop. If there is a fellow hero in the same room or hall when the hero died, that hero may then pick up all weapons, armor, gold and any artifacts. If the wizard is chosen while the Elf is not then the wizard player may choose any three spell sets.

The game consisted of a board and a number of individual miniatures and items. The basic concept is the same: Heroquuest Book 10 Quests in total. A heeoquest may also contain secret doors which allow alternative routes to the pqck or access to secret rooms containing treasure or monsters.

A player does not need to move the full amount of the roll and can end movement at any time. If a pit trap is not discovered and a player walks over it, they fall in and lose one body point. Released shortly in the same years was Return of the Witch Lord which extended the undead with more skeletons, mummies and zombies.


There you must destroy Sinestra and rescue the Princess from the dark forces of Chaos! The pit will remain in play as a square that may be jumped over.

The number of dice used is determined by the basic statistics of the player or monster, whether they are attacking or defending, plus any modifiers due to spells or items being carried. Legacy of Sorasil video game. See photos for all you will receive.

It is important for players to remember where traps are once they’ve been revealed. See pictures for pieces included. Advanced HeroQuest was a revised and expanded version of the HeroQuest game. Legacy of Sorasil was released in Also shop in Also shop in. Quest book seam is worn.

HeroQuest Quest Pack Contents

The box has one corner that has been taped. The game was released in Britain, Europe and Australia around The quests usually form part of a longer story, especially the quests which are part of the expansion packs. Kellars Keep box a bit better than Kellars Keep. It was released in America and Canada in in a slightly different version. Inthe United States and Canada saw the release of two sets of their own: All 10 Quest Book Cards are uncut.

This page was last updated: Only Missing two treasure cards, the second copy of “potion of warmth” and the second copy of “poison! Please message me if you need any qeust