HAZID WORKSHEET. Project: ANOA PHASE 4 – AGX COMPRESSION RECONFIGURATION PROJECT Node Description: DLB Activities in the vicinity and. As a result of the HAZID, 80 identified hazards in total were .. the workshop were also recorded relevantly in the HAZID worksheet by an. The HAZID study achieved its aim of identifying the nature and scale of hazards that Attachments: Power Plant Risk Register Spreadsheet.

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The risk matrices sheet allows you to configure risk matrices, which determine the hazard potentials. On the risk matrices sheet, you can customize the risk matrices used to determine the hazard potentials.

Also, you can set the cutoff for which hazards are added to the BowtieXP case file under settings.


The hazard sheets contains four risk wkrksheet Each of the categories has a severity and a frequency. The severity indicates the possible extent of damage; the frequency indicates how often this happens.

In the matrix, an hazard potential rating is assigned to each of the combinations of frequency and severity. Different hazard potentials have different worksheett.

You can now drag elements from the scrap book onto your BowTie diagram. Below you see a BowTie diagram, which was worisheet in from the scrap book. To check if you have the Advanced features, follow these steps:. Windows may automatically block specific Excel functionality for security reasons. Because of this, you have to unblock this functionality the first time you open the file in Excel.

HAZID – HAzard IDentification Studies

You may see the following warnings:. The risk matrices sheet is shown below: For each of the hazards, a spreadsheet will be generated. To check if you have the Advanced features, follow these steps: A dialog pops up.


Under “Enabled Features”, you should see “Advanced” as shown here: You may see the following warnings: This file originated from an Internet location and might be unsafe. To resolve, click hazidd Editing”. Macros have been disabled.

HAZID Hazard Identification ~ Chemical Engineering Processing

To resolve, click “Enable Content”. For each of the risk matrices, the frequency indicates how often the top events lead to the consequences in this category.

For each of the risk matrices, the severity is the worst that can happen when the top events occur, for each of the categories.