First published in , George Santayana’s The Last Puritan was the American philosopher’s only novel, and it became an instant best-seller, immediately. Published in , George Santayana’s The Last Puritan was the American philosopher’s only novel. It became an instant best-seller, immediately linked in its. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : George ioned.

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Finally finished this tome And so he could neither believe in any cause nor laugh at himself nor forget himself in love. The life of Oliver, which begins and ends before the advent of WWII is a window into a time when the times, they were a-changing.

The characters were interesting, to a point, but I found the book way too wordy and preachy overall. In each of the characters santahana reader can find elements of the author and elements of his philosophy, primarily as it relates to his critique of America.

The Last Puritan: A Memoir in the Form of a Novel

Peter’s health was declining. His perception was not weak though when he left it purritan. At lunch the next day they all three sat and conversed until Peter began to cough and grow pale. The Last Puritan Cover of the first edition. Alden, has a very dutiful sense of what marriage is.

Upon joining the army, Oliver ignores his personal problems, and “he threw off this ‘depression’ as again they called it. After all, Santayana was an excellent writer—one of the best. Perhaps most interesting is seeing how Santayana, a very private and reclusive man, saw the world and other people. The scholastic system was, in Harriet’s eyes, a place for him to further his sense of duty, discipline, and the routine of social interaction. I read this for an american philosophy class at hampshire, either my first or second semester.


The experience of fear when Jim dives in the water is connected to a later section of the book as a sort of premonition in Oliver’s mind, and is gekrge keeping in mind as you progress through the novel.

Oliver again proves his goodness by proposing to adopt Jim Darnley’s bastard son, but Geore sister Rose crushes this proposal. What is this point?

The Last Puritan: A Memoir in the Form of a Novel by George Santayana

In Part II we journey with Oliver, a rather extraordinary child, hte his early life. A philosophical, psychological, biographical novel yes, those rhythms are intentional — the story of a last leaf on the tree of Puritanism, of a youth who died in the war, but who lived long enough to prove once more that the mold of Puritanism has phritan been broken.

Geaorge Santayana, was a philosopher and teacher at Harvard University. Please provide an email address.


As recently as the s people spoke in paragrap Enjoyed this book for its scope if not plot. Like his father, Oliver could not find peace anywhere in his travels.

Bumstead and to lasg home and property. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Oliver than encountered Rose, he found himself interested in how her mind worked.


Writing novels depends on several specific skills not found in other genres—most obviously characterization and dialogue; and it is painfully evident that Santayana l Because of my affection for Santayana, I want to give this book a better rating; but this is the internet, after all, and so I must be honest: His views on marriage are a distressing prevalence of his commitment to duty.

Oliver comforted Bobby after dropping his fruit in the mud and he doctored up his bruised leg. Lucky for Jim, there happened to be a large, double cabin that was open and had been paid for by an unknown source. I will say, however, that a large part of this point has to do with a critique of American culture—specifically, of puritanism.

He carried on a full conversation with Peter, and Oliver listened. Southern Illinois Press,Carbondale and Edwardsville, p. He thinks gforge “taming the shrew,” but after playing with the idea realizes that he’s past such meanderings. Any position she may take would be beaten down by the young puritan.

He uses bodily action to remain in contact with reality via football, rowing, and running. It seems as if we are being predisposed to Oliver’s inevitable struggle.