Çok değişkenli Fonksiyon II: Uygulamalar / Multivariable Calculus II: Applications from Koç University. Dr. Matematik Bölümü (Department of Mathematics). Buy Matematik Cilt 1 (Turkish Edition) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on olan “Calculus: Early Transcendentals” isimli kitabın dördüncü basımının geniş bir Temel Matematik I-II, Genel Matematik I-II, Kalkulüs I-II gibi adlarla verilmekte. CALCULUS – KALKÜLÜS – GENEL MATEMATİK. Bu Sayfada Calculus-Kalkülüs -Genel Matematik üzerine hazırlayacağımız ders notları, soru çözümleri.

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Z Course Coordinator Prof.

Genel Matematik

MathematicsScience and sufficient knowledge in electrical engineering issues; theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering the ability to apply for modeling and problem solving. Ability to identify, define, formulate and solve complex engineering problems; ability to select and implement the appropriate analysis and modeling methods in this respect. Ability to work effectively in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teams; ability to work individually.

Act according to ethicalprofessional and ethical responsibility about the standards used in electrical and electronic engineering applications The ability to design to meet specific needs;complex systemprocess, device or product under realistic constraints and conditionsthe ability to apply modern design methods for this purpose.

Awareness of the necessity of lifelong learning ; Access to knowledge, science and developments in technology caluclus continuous self -improvement. Awareness of universal and social dimensions of health electrical engineering applicationscontemporary issues and their impact on the environment and safety ; awareness of the legal consequences of engineering solutions.


İntegral Kalkülüs | Khan Academy

Ability to communicate effectively in Turkish, both oral and written, with at least one foreign language knowledge, ability to write effective reports and understand written reports, prepare design and production reports, make effective presentations, giving clear and calculuss instructions and receiving skills.

Information on project management and practices in business life such as risk management and change management; awareness about entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable calculuw.

Analyzing and solving using modern techniques and tools for complex problems encountered in the electrical and electronics application developmentselection and use of skillsskills to use ICT effectively Designing experiments for the study maematik electrical engineering problemsconduct experiments, collect dataanalyze and interpret the results. Awareness about occupational health and safety Development and scientific publications of conciousness can be followed in the electrical and electronics engineering.

Developed will be able to access the resources that it can meet the education requirements for the new system awareness. This module aims to provide an accessible review of the advanced calculus from mtematik text book to long after the class and to provide the concepts integration and the applications of integration.

It presents a source for undergraduate students at their first year. Calculus calcuous taught in a traditional lecture format or in laboratories with individual and group learning focusing on numerical and graphical experimentations. Give an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics on engineering problems.


Provide the evaluation of integrals by using calcuuls techniques. Give the basic concepts of analytic geometry. Give a broad knowledge and basic understanding of sequences and series. Provide the limit, continuity and integral of vector-valued functions in application. Concept of area, estimating with finite sums, sigma notation and limits of finite sums, definite integral, The Fundamental Theorems of Calculus and Integral,integration by parts,substitution rule, indefinite integrals, numerical integrationhyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions, techniques of integration, area, lengths of plane curves, volumes of a solid of revolution, areas of surfaces of revolution, moments and centers of mass, moments of inertia, Pappus theorems, areas and lengths in polar coordinates.

Concept of area, estimating with finite sums, sigma notation and limits of finite sums, definite integral, the fundamental theorems of calculus. Area, lengths of plane curves, volumes of a solid of revolution, areas of surfaces of revolution.

Sequences, infinite series, tests of convergence for arithmetic, geometric,harmonic, alternating series.