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This group hold ancient families of east-slavic origin. Unity of those families, common policy regarding education and solidarity made the Clan of Ostoja superior in late medieval time. Do they gather stuff like radon gas or the uranium deposits it comes from?

I f any Earthfiles viewer has photographed or videotaped any similar aerial objects that appear to mimic human airplane lights and sounds, please email me: I ran outside with my slippers on. So, I had her draw it and she drew godzina classic disc-shape with a row of chasing white lights back and forth on the bottom, like strobing back and forth, back and forth.

Republication and redissemination of galaktyczma contents of this screen or any part of this website are expressly prohibited without prior Earthfiles. Napisz do nas czekamy!

Spis rodzin Ostoi – Ostoya

That September 25,object hovered rodzzina Murrysville and traveled at approximately 20 miles per hour out of town, using what sounded like a galkatyczna Cessna-type engine.

They are also in some cases blood related to each other. A lison Kruse livingroom overlooking woods about feet from the house in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, about 20 miles east of Pittsburgh.

I knew that Jupiter and Venus were not going to be in conjunction for another month.


Alison Kruse Alien Hunting Part 6 of 8: They said there was a white dot in the middle of it and a white dot traveling above it that was not attached, a row of red lights or windows, and it was huge. Smoking cigarettes cuts down on the performance of countless diverse organs within your body, adding you in a place in which you may well be much more anxious than usual.

Put the various tinted scarves for the different photographs and locate one that works best with the background and the subject’s color. Below list of 79 families that are in most not listed in publications of Boniecki, Uruski or Niesiecki, families are linked to the Clan of Ostoja by some documents found in different archives and that in most cases are not reliable or verified.

Mysterious Aerial Lights and Beams in Pennsylvania Woods

Those families settled down and lived very close to each other, forming groups in order to be able to help if needed. What shall we call new Coat of arms that have too moons in the shield?

So, they were immediately ruled out, but it looked as if Jupiter and Venus were next to galaktycxna other, but sparkling like diamonds. And when you see the lights rise up from the woods that catches your attention!

Spis rodzin Ostoi

It is the most interesting list to be used for further research and verification as it contains names taken from almost all available sources. In both instances of the aerial lights mimicking human airplanes, the green right side navigation light was left out.

I think I just saw a UFO! But surrounding the woods busted them. Then this object turned on a rather low-volume jet engine noise. The list does not contain many names that can be found in work of Sir Tadeusz GajlPolish Armorial. Since June ofAlison Kruse, her daughter and others have repeatedly seen unidentified aerial lights and occasionally beams shining down into trees near abandoned coal mines.


I hoped they would fly over the top of me so I could get a good outline shape of it. I wonder if a tunnel goes underneath there and that UFO thing was maybe searching for that tunnel?

The reason of that is grouping polish coat of arms that looked similar. I got a couple of other objects and you have to play around with focusing because you have to focus the camera, focus the scope and focus the magnifier lens.

This kind of procedure origin from traditional Clan heraldry where a group of knights of the Clan used same coat of arms and it was logical during medieval time and when Clan politics made sense.

Mängufiguurid – Lapsed – Digizone

Families listed below in this section are of ancient origin, they are either part of ruling family of Moscic-Stibors or joined the Clan very early, in some cases possibly already around year or even earlier.

It is presumed that some of those families moved early together with Jakusz de Blociszewo and some joined later from the area of Sandomierz and Malopolska. Not just those woods, but out of other patches of woods in the area and about 20 miles away over Oakmont, Pennsylvania. Families listed below are part of the Clan of Ostoja, however there are no sources regarding their origin before year