That might seem a rather pointless challenge but you can read just such a book – Gadsby by Ernest Vincent Wright, a self-published story from Gadsby [Ernest Vincent Wright] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gadsby is a novel by Ernest Vincent Wright. The plot revolves. Gadsby: A Story of Over 50, Words Without Using the Letter E [Ernest Vincent Wright] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Written from the.

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I’ll put up a big arch, through which all visitors must pass, and call it ‘Sarah Young’s Rainbow Arch.

Finding four in a Council room, Gadsby said: But that kindly man sitting back of that big mahogany rail- ing had no thought of scaring a child, and said calmly: Their sensibilities, their writht, just everything is so incredibly old. May Fourth was punctual in arriving; though many frnest young girl got into that flighty con- [93 ] G A D S B Frnest dition in which a month drags along as though i n irons, and clock-hands look as if stuck fast.

It was truly miracu- lous how this man of shy disposition, found words in putting forth his plans for improving Branton Hillstown of his birth. It’s from Lady Standish, who says that way back in school days, you and ” “Whoa!!

I had a Christmas card for Mis- souri go way down to Mississippi! I can think of nothing so satis- fying as doing public good in as many ways as an official can.

Now, if you think our Organization wasn’t ernwst agog and wild, with youthful anticipation at hav- ing a diploma for work out of school hours, you just don’t know Youth.

Say, if you could look into my back door as Old Man Flanagan quits work, an’ brings back a load o’ grog, you’d find thot you hadtj wild animals roight in this town, all roight, all roight. Well, it is also quite amusing, in a rather quaint way, though not by intention. You’ll be amazed how the author was able to describe things, though usually long because of the No E Rule.


The author is aware that his flow is a bit stilted due to the restriction, and he gets parenthetical about it a few time This book was super dated and totally sexist, GIRLS going to WAR? I know now how vastly difficult this is. There are times that Wright really makes it look effortless.

Bah, they’re too stupid to go. Summary by Availle and Wikipedia In closing let me say that I trust you may learn to love all the young folks in the story, as deeply as I have, in introducing them to you.

Great NovelThe novel is written as a lipogram and does not include words that contain the letter “e”. If a voting booth was in a school building, as is a common custom pupils had that day off ; and, as Gadsby was Youth’s champion, groups of kids hung around, watching and hoping with that avidi- ty so common with youth, that Gadsby would win by a majority unknown in Branton Hills.

Gadsby: A Story of Over 50,000 Words Without Using the Letter “E” by Wright

Wright has award limit of two or four stars only obviously but which? I’ll call it ‘Lucy Zoo’. I normally find it important to add my own opinion of such a work not taking account of and as it stands apart from that limit in its construction; and this is at a point at which I find I can’t say it’s good.

How Branton Hills’ rich old widows and plump matrons did sniff in disdain as a group of High School pupils brought forth straightforward claims that cash paving a road, is doing good practical work, but, in filling up a strong box, is worth nothing to our town. An important part was a musical half-hour by its big chorus, singing such grand com- positions as arias from Faust, Robin Hood, Aida, [ 59 ] G A D S B Y and Martha; also both boys’ and girls’ bands, both brass and strings, doing first-class work on a Sousa march, a Strauss waltz, and a potpourri of National airs from many lands, which brought a storm of hand clapping; for no form of study will so aid youth in living happily, as music.


Though it is not important to follow it from now on, I will say that our vast country, by tuning in on KBH, found out a lot about this Utopia.

Where the story falls short, however, is developing any problem arc. Say that a road is badly worn, Shall it stay so? And as for a Mayor’s word amounting to a law, it’s a mighty good thing that it can’t! So how can you bring such a group for- ward as ‘pupils? I want, in our big City Park, a casino, danc- ing pavilion, lunch rooms ; and parkings for as many cars as can crowd in. In following months many a school class was shown through our zoo’s fascinating paths, as instructors told of this or that animal’s ednest and [ 74 ] G A D S B Y natural haunts ; and showing that it was as worthy of sympathy, if ill, as any human.

And how gifts did pour in!! The story is acceptable, though not great.

Gadsby by Ernest Vincent Wright

Bright Sun on May Fourth, and no wind! But as Gadsby thought of eenest a school, no way for back- ing it financially was in sight. About forty of Gadsby’s old Organization boys, now man- ly young chaps, had bought him a car, which Nancy was not to know anything about until that throwing of old boots, and what is also customary, had quit.