How to convert WEBP images to JPG, PNG (or any other format) · Art / Animation us · Donation Page. © : The best freeware virtual PDF printer tools – Screenshot – 6_18_, 8_08_29 Freewaregenius provides reviews of free software and apps, and technology to convert WEBP images to JPG, PNG (or any other format) –

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If you need to resize images quickly, right from Windows Explorer and on the fly then this software is for you. Free Image Resizer is a free Windows tool that lets you select any image or images in Explorer and resize them instantly via right click. Free Image Resizer allows users to select multiple images at once for batch image processing.

Resizing can be done using a number of predefined size profiles or by manually freewarebenius the size in pixels. It can also convert your images to PDF.


How to convert WEBP images to JPG, PNG (or any other format)

I will comment on a freewarfgenius of quirks though:. A great, simple image resizing tool that gets a lot of things right, but can be improved. I kind of prefer this one to others previously mentioned on this site e.

The export to PDF option is interesting, although I do wish the few items on the wish list could be addressed, which would make this program a LOT better. For those who come here for awesome freeware: Looking for the absolute easiest way to root your Android?

Resize images via right click with ‘Free Image Resizer’ –

How to convert ePub to Mobi ebook format — for free. Is rampant cheating destroying Facebook gaming? Why Springpad is better than Evernote for managing your information. How to easily transcribe audio or video recordings into text update. I will comment on a couple of quirks though: Installs TWO context menu entries: Can export to PDF: The option to save in a different image format.

Samer Kurdi (Freeware Genius) Interview

The ability to save custom profiles that can be accessed from the first context menu. How to remove endless loops from a GIF.


I have been looking into jlg question of which free antivirus is the best for almost 10 years now, and the only way to Although Dropbox and other cloud services have gotten us used to accessing our files anywhere from the cloud, somehow there is always that important How to delete embedded Gmail-Photos pisspottfreewaregenius. Symmetrical drawing software Lisa Dawson – Jun 5, 1.

Ten free tools to better freeaaregenius your desktop icons Samer Kurdi – Nov 17, Studies have found that people with cleaner, tidier desktops live longer. I am joking of course, but ask yourself this: If clutter and insufficient internal storage space on your Android are getting you down, then read on: