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mamual And Canada If your vehicle must be serviced while you are traveling or living in Central or South America, the Caribbean, or the Middle East, contact the nearest Ford dealership. Your vehicle has special design and equipment features to make it capable of performing in a wide variety of circumstances. Engine Oil In very cold weather, do not fill the reservoir all the way.

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You should either know the terrain or examine maps of the area before driving. Air Excrsion s Use only fluid that meets Ford specifications.

Page Driving Parking On some 4WD vehicles, when the transfer case is in the N Neutral position, the engine and transmission are disconnected from the rest of the driveline. Page Seating and Safety Restraints The tether strap anchors in your vehicle are in the following positions shown from top view: Seating and Safety Restraints The air bags inflate and deflate rapidly upon activation.

Ford Motor Company produces a towing manual for all authorized tow truck operators. Do not start your vehicle in a closed garage or in other enclosed areas.

Temperature control knob Mxnual the temperature of the airflow inside the vehicle. If the gauge is operating in the Yellow or Red area, stop the vehicle and verify the airflow is not restricted such as snow or debris blocking airflow through the grill.

Autolamp control if equipped The autolamp system provides light sensitive automatic on-off control of the exterior lights normally controlled by the headlamp control. Seating and Safety Restraints Reasons given Use only a 12—volt supply to start your vehicle.

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Locate and carefully remove the engine oil level indicator dipstick. Page 84 Locks and Security Replacing manial keys can be very costly. Page The Dispute Settlement Board may not be available in all states. Page Driving Overdrive. This radio is equipped with six station memory preset controls which allow you to set up to six AM stations and 12 FM stations six in FM1 and six in FM2.

To print the manual completely, please, exvursion it. If the end of the disc is reached, the CD will return to the first track. Care should be oowners to avoid inhaling excess fumes. Maintenance and Specifications When refueling always shut the engine off and never allow sparks or open flames near the filler neck.

This displays the approximate number of kilometers miles left to drive before the fuel tank is empty. Lights Replacing high-mount brakelamp bulbs 1. Works manua radio mode only. Ford makes no representation as to the suitability of the Excursion for snowplowing, in particular regarding the potential for exceeding vehicle weight limits, airbag SRS deployment sensitivity, vehicle crash integrity, or powertrain durability. Page Maual If your vehicle gets stuck If your vehicle gets stuck in mud or snow it may be rocked out by shifting between forward and reverse gears, stopping between shifts, in a steady pattern.

Unlocking the doors Press this control to unlock the driver door. Driving Adjusting an equalizing hitch so the rear bumper of the vehicle is higher than it was unloaded will defeat the function of the load equalizing hitch and may cause unpredictable handling.

Position the jack according to the following guides: You should drive in a moderate fashion avoid heavy acceleration and deceleration and have your vehicle serviced at the first available opportunity. Electronic automatic temperature control. Park the booster vehicle close to the hood of the disabled vehicle making sure the two vehicles do not touch. Press the control again to disengage slow motion playback. Seating and Safety Restraints Never let a passenger hold a child on his or her lap while the vehicle is moving.


Ford Excursion Owners Manuals (2000-2005)

Controls the volume of air circulated in the vehicle. The automatic locking mode is not available on the driver safety belt. Insert the belt tongue into the proper buckle the buckle closest to the direction the tongue is coming from for that seating position until Seating and Safety Restraints 7. When you turn off the speed control or the ignition, your speed control set speed memory is erased. Lap belts Adjusting the lap belt The lap belt should fit snugly and as low as possible around the Service refill capacities are determined by filling the rear axle to the bottom of the filler hole with the specified lubricant.

If the engine does not start within five seconds on the first try, turn the key to 3 OFFwait 10 ownrs and try again. Failure to adjust the safety belt properly could reduce the effectiveness of the seat belt and increase the risk of injury in a collision. State or local regulations on volatile organic compounds may restrict the use of methanol, a common windshield washer antifreeze additive. To return to full automatic control, press AUTO.

Page 15 Instrument Cluster Engine oil pressure gauge: Page 33 Due to technical incompatibility, certain recordable and re-recordable compact discs may not function correctly when used in Ford CD players. Use the ownwrs maximum GCWR chart in the Trailer Towing section in this chapter for your type of engine and rear axle ratio.

Press again to eject the DVD. Maintenance and Specifications Replace the fuel filter with an authorized Motorcraft part.

Excursion Owners Manuals

Over time, the adaptive learning process will fofd update transmission operation. Mirrors Press the control located on the bottom of the mirror to turn the mirror on or off. Maintenance and Specifications U.