Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Bullinger describes distinct Scripture figures of speech, defined as a word or sentence in a peculiar form, different from its original or simplest meaning or. Figures of Speech Used In The Bible. E. W. Bullinger. Scripture. Theology. New Testament. Old Testament. How to Read the Bible.

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The repetition of the same word or words in the middle and at the end of successive sentences. He provides names of Spech. Ep’-i-ti-me’-sis ; or, Reprimand Luke An expression of feeling by mocking and jeering.

When something pertaining to the subject is put for the subject itself Gen.

Zeug’-ma ; or, Unequal Yoke When one verb is yoked on to two subjects, while grammatically a second verb is required. Some people teach that Fig. Anger and threatening Gen. A sentence added at the end to heal, soften, mitigate, or modify what has been before said.

Simple; where the Ellipsis is to be supplied from a preceding or a succeding clause Gen. Het’-er-o’-sis ; or, Exchange of Accidence. An-a’-pho-ra ; or, Like Digures Beginnings Deuteronomy Dep-re-ca’-ti-o ; or, Deprecation Ex. Used in the Bible by Dr. Or, place the person in front making the discoverer look bigger than their discovery. A word logically belonging to one connection is grammatically united with another.


Calling on others to rejioce over something. Met-o’-ny-my ; or, Change of Noun When one name or noun is used instead of another, to which it stands in a certain relation.

Figures of speech used in the Bible:

Where there are two series, but each consisting of several members Ps. Where words are clearly false as well figuree hypocritical Gen. Where there are more than two series of subjects, either consisting of two members each Ps. Eu’-che ; or, Prayer Isaih Changes of usage of words in the English language Gen. Ben’-e-dic’-ti-o ; or, Blessing Gen. The repetition of two parallel subjects in several lines Isaiah Sym’-per-as’-ma ; or, Concluding Summary Matt. A temporary turning aside from one subject to another.

Repetition of the same or successive letters at the beginnings of words or clauses. figurrs

Bullinger: Figures of Speech Used in the Bible

When one or more persons are represented as speaking about a thing, instead of saying it oneself. An exclamation at the conclusion of a sentence. E-nig’-ma ; or, Dark Saying Gen.

Now then, why not understand that during ancient times in the East, death or a stroke was expressed by “became a pillar of salt”.

When the speaker associates himself with those whom he addresses, or of whom he speaks. Also read a favorite topic: When the parallel lines are so placed that the first corresponds with the last, the second with the last but one, etc.


An’-a-coe-no-sis ; or, Common Cause 1 Cor. Her-men’-ei-a ; or, Interpretation John 7: Ex’-ou-then-is’-mos ; or, Contempt 2Samuel 6: Ep-i-stro-phe ; or, Like Sentence-Endings Gen. The repetition of the same word or words at the end of successive sentences.

Syn’-the-ton ; or, Combination Gen. Mes-o-tel-eu’-ton ; or, Middle and End Repetition 2Kings Exchange of one voice, mood, tense, person, number, degree, or gender for another.

The repetition of inflections similar in spech. Likewise, thoughts can be inserted into statements and paragraphs a dozen ways with different Fig. An increase of emphasis or sense in successive sentences. The lessoning of a thing in order to increase and intensify that same thing. Anadiplosis repeated in successive sentences see ” Anadiplosis “above.

When what has been gullinger is briefly summed up. Used to emphasise humiliation, sorrow, etc. The scrolls and texts they read contained the same Fig.

Repetition of a number of resemblances. Pal’-in-od’-i-a ; or, Retracting Revelation 2: The Bible is an eastern book.