The ‘EPG’ in the title of this model stands for the following –. Ethnocentrism; Polycentrism; Geocentrism. Knowing where your organization lies under these three. Ethnocentrism is pre- dominantly a home country orientation. Ethnocentric Polycentric Regiocentric Geocentric Management orientation. Ethnocentric is a staffing policy that is used in companies that has primarily international strategic orientation. This policy is generally adopted by headquarters.

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A polycentric approach “gives rise to the problems of coordination and control. Ethnocentric approach Countries with branches in foreign countries have to decide how to select management level employees.

For example, the standards in which the home country operates are going to be much different from how the host country operates. Fortunately, using this model can be a quick and easy way etthnocentric bring things back into line.

EPRG Framework

The Online Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Tripathi cites non-availability of local talent for critical roles as the reason for the increase in expat hiring. Instead, management selects the person best suited to foster the companies goals and solve problems worldwide. For instance, there is the loss of national sovereignty when one nation is dominated by another — this can lead to a loss in economic and political nationalism.

The first drawback of a polycentric approach is that the “benefits of global coordination between subsidiaries such as the development of economies of scale cannot be realized.

I hold a degree in MBA from well known management college in India.

On the downside, however, there is a concern regarding duplication which can cause costs to rise. R Suresh, managing director of Polcyentric Executive Search, said that if there are four-five members in the shortlist for a CXO search, two are invariably expats.

EPRG Framework – Management Study HQ

Companies should evaluate all legs of ethnocenyric EPG model before implementing a strategy, as all companies differ in international strategy among industry and region. Job Sites in UK. For international recruitment, especially on foreign soil, organizations generally use manpower agencies or consultants with international connections and repute to source candidates, geocenntric addition to the conventional sources.


The ethnocentric attitude is seen often when home nationals of various countries believe they are superior to, more trustworthy and more reliable than their foreign counterparts. On the downside, it can be hard to ethbocentric grow the business in other nations when making decisions based on how things are done at home. Then the database is analysed for choosing the best eyhnocentric most suitable persons for global assignments and this process is called technical skills assessment.

In many ways, this is an approach that falls somewhere between the first two that we have covered. This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat Natives of Australia manage the home office. If product knowledge is crucial, then parent-country nationals, who have ready access to corporate sources of information, can be brought in.

With that said, geocentrism is an ideology that must be accepted by any corporation operating globally in order for any sort of success and long term stability to rgiocentric attained.

This article is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor’s personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic. Polycentric orientation assumes that host country cultures are different making a centralised approach unfeasible.

In this case, it would be important for a firm to re-align its focus in order to ensure that it is correctly representing the firm’s focus. Employers around the world usually rank personal interviews, technical competency and work experience in similar jobs as important criteria for polycenttic. Self-selection involves the decision by the employee about his future course of action in the international arena.

In terms of job security, the survey said, Japan and Taiwan were rated as the best places for women expats 50 per centclosely followed by Singapore 49 per centHong Kong 47 per centIndia 45 per cent and China 41 per cent. In this example, the UK parent company uses natives of many countries at company headquarters and at the U. Although the managers operate relatively independently in the region, they are not normally moved to the company headquarters.


Rather, this kind of organization will focus only on what they think is best for the needs of the organization and its customers. Companies in sectors such as automobile, industrial, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging are keen on bringing in people familiar with international best practices who can replicate the quality and precision of developed markets such as North America, the UK, Korea, Japan and Germany. Job Sites in USA.

When they look to new markets they rely on what they know and seek similarities with their own country. The crucial critical concept of ethnocentrism in international organizations is the current policy that recruits from the home country are hired, and trained for key executive position in the organization.

EPG model – Wikipedia

The idea behind ethnocentrism is the concept that the organization is going to default to the thinking, traditions, and more of its home country. In this example, the U.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The model suggests that most multinationals start out with an ethnocentric view, evolve to polycentrism and finally adopt geocentrism.

Approaches to Recruitment in IHRM Though the general aim of any recruitment policy is to select the right people for the right task at the right time, the HR department of international companies may adopt one of the following three specific approaches available for recruiting employees for global operations. Even those organizations which initially adopt the ethnocentric approach may eventually switch over lo the polycentric approach.

In the next stage, the employee database is prepared according to the manpower requirement of the company for international operations.