Product Family / Category. INCA. Product / Topic. INCA-MIP. Type. Manual / Technical Documentation. Title. INCA-MIP V User’s Guide. INCA V – Tutorial. ETAS. Lesson: Measuring. Create a recorder for manual recordings. You are in the Experiment Environment. To create a recorder . This INCA manual consists of the following chapters: • Chapter 1: ”Introduction” ( this chapter). This chapter outlines the possible INCA (INtegrated Calibration.

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ETAS – INCA V7.2 Tutorial – Download Center

One rule per line. This field typically should not be empty to make sure to have an individual axis name differing from the prameter name. It is just used for manual map editing.

The optimization progress is shown graphically and can be interrupted at any time. Select the project you just added then OK.

But best practice is to keep the ECU conversion and use the manual editing increment gain setting to adjust to a suitable for manual incrementation and decremention. You can enter an extra comment here that is additionally saved as label “Comment” to the file. In case of replacing you have the option to only replace a single data point set instead of all.

  IDW S1 I.D.F.2008 PDF

The working page of the active map can be inverted by tilting the map – one of its two axes is swapped for an axis corresponding to the w-values of the map. Values of about 0. In the calculation rule, the placeholders “X”, “Y”, and “W” can be used to access the current values of the map or the axes.

Special methods to treat areas without data are used.

SGE MapArtist Manual

Map optimization data mean value, above data, below data. The files the data was loaded from is remembered and will be used e.

The axes optimization can be restricted to single directions and breakpoint ranges. The progress shown corresponds to the remaining deviation from the map ftas the data points. A list of all available maps will be shown afterwards to select the ones to import. Otherwise all replacement rules will be applied sequentially. The windows will be closed without saving anything and without any further confirmation.

Set to invalid NaN. But without the optimization the map is more a quick guess than a good fitting map. Before you have to copy them directly to the clipboard or as strings containing the file names line by line. These instructions were transcribed against this version but it may be that these instructions match other versions of the tool.


The following two figures show the influence of this option. The number depends on the following settings.

The order can be chosen. Therefore a set of functionality is available maunal create and smooth the map and axes distribution.

Additionally a set of fixed standard sizes are available.

ETAS – INCA V7.0 Tutorial – Download Center

If you want the result to be a map that shows the speed by load and torque, select “X-axis” as the target axis. Select it then OK. You can also delete data points where a logical condition is true. Choose the field separator to use when copying to clipboard. Ready formatted for email or office software.

The axis directions to smooth in can be chosen. The following instructions assume the user is using version 5. When it is green, the error was decreasing by mahual modification. This can be used e. Usually a label is implemented in a ECU etad computer data types and then calculated to physical values using a conversion formula.