Buy Crimen en el Barrio del Once / Crime in the Neighborhood of Eleven: El by Ernesto Mallo () by Ernesto Mallo; (ISBN: ) from. The unusual writing style, once I got used to it, only helped in the forward . Ernesto Mallo’s Needle in a Haystack is a wonderful, terrible, tragic book. It is a. Beware. The 18th of January, Editorial Siruela will release in Spain Crimen en el Barrio del Once (Crime in District Eleven), Siruela

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It’s worth reading because this is part of history few North Americans understand, and Mallo’s writing will take you into the heart what it is like to face a corrupt system. We follow multiple threads of a story that crystallize into a single not-so-neat ending; divergent characters meet up throughout the narrative and eventually the whole ugly truth becomes clear. Argentina’s Dirty War didn’t have a happy ending, and neither does this short novel.

I love how often the author’s perspective switches between characters. Meanwhile, he is getting involved with a woman who is wanted by the government for her supposedly subversive activities. The mothers and grandmothers of The Plaza de Mayo see the people who have stolen their children go unpunished; corruption and violence continue to rule. A la vez comica, triste y nostalgica, la historia se centra en un viaje hecho al norte del Peru mientras el terrorismo convulsiona los Andes y la capital.

Lascano quickly realizes they weren’t, and investigates. Sorry,but I found it very offensive and I usually have a pretty thick skin.

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I didn’t like style of dialogue – I couldn’t always track who’s talking what and it took me a lot of time returning and guessing, leaving me confused.

It adds an eth Not an easy story to read, contents not withstanding.


Maybe it’s just me, but I did not like the way it was written, the subject or any of the characters except Inspector Lascano. Needle in a Hay Stack is his first novel and the first in a trilogy with superintendent Lascano.

Crimen en el Barrio del Once (La aguja en el pajar) de Ernesto Mallo – A Crime is Afoot

Mallo accomplishes bringing the reader into the atmosphere of fear and paranoia that must have been part of everyone’s daily lives, and he does it with spare characterization and a tight plot reminiscent of Hemingway.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The book’s one big flaw is in how it renders dialogue: Throughout the characterisation and social relations are keenly portrayed and the prose is well crafted.

Not a detective story per se, although there is a detective, or rather an inspector in it not sure of the difference. Except e Superintendent Lascano himself, none of the characters really develop beyond archetypes, and as a reader who doesn’t necessarily pick up on these things until someone else points them out even I noticed how harsh Mallo is on his female characters.

Those chapters developed the various characters, mixing backstory with events happening at the time. When I start a scene, I orient myself through the character who starts the scene, who obviously has maolo POV.

I knew, in broad terms, that a military junta seized power and waged a brutal campaign criemn repression against various left-wing elements in society, ranging from armed guerrilla group Like most Americans, I know almost nothing of Argentine history — however, unlike most, I do at least know that there was a very nasty internal conflict known as the “Dirty War” some thirty or so years ago like everything relating to the Dirty War, different people have different ideas on the start and end dates.

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Mallo, Ernesto [WorldCat Identities]

Perhaps only at the end was I particularly malko by a choice Mallo made. Jan 12, Teresa rated it dwl not like it.


For those with an interest in modern Argentine history, or the international crime fiction, it’s worth making the effort. We don’t know where Lascano got his nickname, but assume it’s about blo Free Friday offering from Barnes and Noble.

It is a society where a conscientious police officer can get een by the military in broad daylight on a busy street for getting closer to the agenda of just one individual within that vast apparatus, not even the agenda of the apparatus itself. Dark, troubling, sad story. From the introduction by Ernesto Mallo: It gave just en I started reading this without high hopes.

Su vida se ha vuelto previsible, tranquila y segura. There is no chance for them to succeed.

The military is still in clean up mode, and no one knows who is who, or on which side, as corruption is the only game in town, very well written, though not at all pleasant. If you’re aware of Argentina’s history, you’ll understand that the authorities were not baarrio and the revolutionaries were citizens trying to take back their country.

The multimillionaires of Puerto Madero deal in this irony with as fluently as the workers in the “misery cities,” which is what we call the poorest neighborhoods of Ma,lo Aires. Sep 25, Carey Combe rated it erbesto was amazing Recommends it for: Dec 05, Pamela rated it did not like it Shelves: The first two are being made into films. Dec 12, Beata Bowen rated it liked it Shelves: