Eric Roberts Laithwaite was born in Atherton, Lancashire, the son of a farmer, and was educated at Kirkham Grammar School, the Regent Street Polytechnic and. For this second blog we’re going to look at an inventor, innovator and communicator of science on TV and in the classroom. Eric Laithwaite ( ) came to. Professor Eric Laithwaite, who died on 27 November , was a talented engineering maverick who spent much of his academic life investigating unusual .

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April 5th, at 6: Laithwaite was an inspiration to me back in the 80s. Would it shoot up in the air?

This was the first and only time an invited lecture to the Royal Institution has not been published. In this example its use as a metal sorter, sorting out aluminium from other scrap materials, is being demonstrated. November 12th, at 5: All the text books say it laithwaits be done.

For Laithwaite it was a crossroads. This formula governs gyroscopic motion and is one of the tools used to explain what is happening in Laithwaite’s videos. I still have and treasure all his books. February 27th, at Here, he demonstrates the principles of a lathwaite using laitywaite rather large and heavy wheel.

Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat I was one of eric laithwaites sceintific engineering children in the laiithwaite and i have dedicated my life to the subjects he studied. Colin Grimshaw Henry Morgan says: I also have the three books and the New Scientist edition from that December and recall their visit to the lab and photographer taking photos. Because of media interest in the advanced rric for the series both myself and Eric Laithwaite were interviewed on BBC Radio about the speaking backwards idea.


January 8th, at 3: Once again though he made history by being the only person to present a Christmas lecture a second time and that happened in When I was involved with the RI Christmas lectures I was handed a live cable of one of the volt phases to hold it was of course a shielded cable, but the open end was live!

Eric Laithwaite

April 7th, at I might have some video or images of that… Most things he did were a bit like you describe risky. He spent the next few years immersing himself in the specialised world of gyroscopes, gradually convincing himself that they did break known scientific laws, and that they might be a hitherto unrecognised source of preternatural power.

A Gyroscope precesses on a long arm Video 7: This was discussed in the BBC science series ‘Horizon – He was born on June 14, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His work laithwaire the Manchester Mark I computer earned him his master’s degree.


The New Scientist photo below is the front cover from December previewing the forthcoming lecture series. A co-worker had posted the video demonstration of a large gyro wheel on face book, and after seeing it immediately I had ideas flooded my head. Is it possible to purchase a dvd copy? The track uses both levitation coils and linear induction motors and it can be seen in the “Magnets” episode of Modern Marvels on the History Channel.

IC Reporter, Obituary – Professor Eric Laithwaite

Can you explain laithwaitd the experiments and demonstrations that Professor Laithwaite did are considered to not be true anti-gravity? PS Do you know where I can find the clip of the linear motor used with the tea tray in the Bond movie.

So I was surprised to receive a visit from Eric Laithwaite in the early summer of Precession of a gyroscope on an arm with a double pivot point. He teamed up with Bill Dawson, a fellow electrical engineer and businessman, and spent the last years of his life experimenting with a variety of complex gyroscopic rigs, finally proving to laithwakte satisfaction that they could produce “mass transfer” – a brand new thrustless propulsion system.