INSPRA (eplerenone) Product Monograph. Page 2 of Table of This leaflet is a summary and will not tell you everything about INSPRA. X. Package leaflet: Information for the patient. Eplerenone 25 mg film-coated tablets. Eplerenone 50 mg film-coated tablets. Eplerenone. Read all of this leaflet . Easy to read FDA package insert, drug facts, dosage and administration, and adverse effects for Inspra (eplerenone).

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However, in view of ongoing research, changes in government regulations, and the constant flow of information relating to drug therapy and drug reactions, the reader is urged to check the package insert for each drug for any changes in indications and dosage knsert for added warnings and precautions.

Eplerenone Rating 4 User Reviews 8. Check serum potassium and serum creatinine within 3 to packkage days of a patient initating a moderate CYP3A inhibitor, angiotensin-II blockers or non-steroidal-anti-inflammatories. Indications in the package insert state that it can be used in the induction and maintenance of anesthesia, but no one will use this agent for the induction of anesthesia in children because it stimulates airway reflex responses.

No clinically significant change in the mean pulse rate was observed. Elevated systolic or diastolic pressure causes increased CV risk, and the absolute risk increase per mmHg is greater at higher blood pressures, so that even modest reductions of severe hypertension can provide substantial benefit. Therefore, various factors might contribute to BP reduction through MR blockade. Among the 3, patients included in the safety analysis, The other institutions included national, public, and private university hospitals.

In the current PMS, 3, patients were registered from of contracted institutions. The observation period was 12 weeks and began upon initiation of treatment. The BP changes from baseline were larger in the groups with higher baseline BP, and there was little change in the group with the lowest BP level at baseline. Eplerenone binds to the mineralocorticoid receptor and blocks the binding of aldosterone, a component of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone-system RAAS. MRAs are not the first-line drugs recommended by the JSH or JSH guidelines [ 8 ], but they are recommended for treatment of resistant hypertension.


If hyperkalemia develops, standard treatment should be initiated. This organ damage includes ventricular remodeling [ 1516 ], renal impairment [ 17 — 19 ], and vascular endothelial dysfunction [ 20 ].

The mean duration of eplerenone treatment was days, and the median was Upon repeat dosing, steady state levels are reached within 2 days. Blood pressure reductions with Eplerenone in the two fixed-dose monotherapy studies and other studies using titrated doses, as well as concomitant treatments, were not significantly different when analyzed by age, gender, or race with one exception.

A close monitoring of serum potassium and renal function is recommended, especially in patients at risk for impaired renal function, e. Eplerenone has been shown to bind extensively to charcoal.

In patients with hypertension taking a moderate CYP3A inhibitor, initiate at 25 mg once daily. As with our core unit dose line, unit dose plus is designed to scan easily and correctly ensuring both safety for patients and efficiency for staff. Because animal reproduction studies are not always predictive of human response, Eplerenone should be used during pregnancy only if clearly needed.

Hypertension is a major public health issue in many countries. The administration of other potassium-sparing antihypertensives with NSAIDs has been shown to reduce the antihypertensive effect in some patients and result in severe hyperkalemia in patients with impaired renal function.

High Blood Pressure amlodipinelisinoprillosartanfurosemidehydrochlorothiazidemetoprololatenololLasixNorvascvalsartanMore In this pacoage and in a 1-year pediatric safety study in patients age range 5 to 17 yearsthe incidence of reported adverse events was similar to that of adults.

There have epleenone concerns regarding a possible increase in serum potassium levels caused by the pharmacological actions of eplerenone. In this PMS, some patients were prescribed eplerenone even though they met the contraindication criteria for Inseet tablets. Eplerenone tablet contains Eplerenone, a blocker of aldosterone binding at the mineralocorticoid receptor.

No treatments including antihypertensive drugs paackage restricted during the surveillance period.

International Journal of Hypertension

Rat pups exposed by this route developed normally. Control of high blood pressure should be part of comprehensive CV risk management, including, as appropriate, lipid control, diabetes management, antithrombotic therapy, smoking cessation, exercise, and limited sodium intake. The concentration of Eplerenone in human breast milk lackage oral administration is unknown. Eplerenone cannot be removed by hemodialysis.


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Assess serum potassium periodically thereafter. The risk of hyperkalemia increases when Eplerenone is used in combination with an ARB. Dose categories were divided as high, medium, and packge. The ADRs most frequently observed in the clinical trials cited in the new-drug application of eplerenone in Japan included headache 6.

For inadequate blood pressure response, dosing may be increased to a maximum of 25 mg twice daily [See Dosage and Pcakage 2. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information – verify here.

By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the Drugs. Prednisolone is a synthetic glucocorticoid, a derivative of cortisol, used to treat a variety of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions and some cancers.

Eplerenone – FDA prescribing information, side effects and uses

There was no tendency for the incidence of hyperkalemia to increase when eplerenone was used with either thiazide diuretics or loop diuretics. Serum lithium levels should be monitored packzge if Eplerenone is administered concomitantly with lithium. The incidence of adverse events was 4. Data Collection and Analysis Between May and Aprilwe conducted a PMS that targeted hypertensive patients in Japan who had not previously been treated with eplerenone.

Eplerenone package insert pdf file

Alphabetic lists of individual bioequivalence recommendations. Minimize the risk of hyperkalemia with proper patient selection and monitoring [See Contraindications 4Adverse Reactions 6. Introduction Hypertension is a major public health issue in many countries.

Among the patients included in the safety analysis, eplerenone treatment was discontinued in This PMS showed that CCBs and ARBs, which are recommended as first-line drugs by the guidelines, were epllerenone most frequent drugs to be prescribed concomitantly with eplerenone. Food and drug administration new hampshire avenue silver spring, md