Elastix Without Tears Page 1 of Elastix without Tears The ICT serial following The Elastix ® IPBX Distribution Development If you find this. Free download page for Project Elastix’s x is an appliance software that integrates the best tools available for Asterisk-based. If you are in Australia and don’t have Paypal, you may forward a cheque made to: Ben Sharif, PO Box 70 Kingswood NSW , Australia. Elastix Without Tears.

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Yet Another Elastix Without Tears. All the dial rules setting are applied to Hong Kong only.

Advanced application or configuration of Elastix is not included. If you want to learn more, you can refer to Elastix Without Tears.

Updated documentation – Issabel

We can overcome this problem with a very crazy step, that is, plug the XP to the PCI slot of the motherboard with the power cable already plugged in.

Use this step when necessary. The Bypass port is for connecting to the telephone set.

Installation of Elastix 1. Make sure you write down the root password that you type in during the installation. Login the box and you will prompt the IP address, e. After the installation, you can access the web page of Elastix by entering the IP address The username is ” admin ” ekastix the password is ” palosanto “.



You can change the admin password later. For username and password of other components or modules, please refer to “Elastix Without Tear”. Configuration of Elastix Log in to the web page of Elastix. If everything working fine, you will see the following inside a green coloured box: Select ” Trunks ” on your left hand side. At the ” Outbound Caller ID ” fill in your home or office landline telephone number in the following format: Make elastux you do this step after making any changes or add any item in the Elastix box.

Extensions setting Go to the “Extensions” on your left hand side.

Enter your email address. Then click ” Submit “. Click ” Edit Follow Withuot Settings ” on the top. The ” Destination if no answer ” is set wihtout ” Voicemail: Ring Groups setting Go to the ” Ring Groups ” on your left hand side. Create a ring group ” ” and give it a name to be ” General “. Make sure the ” Ring Strategy ” is ” ringall “.

Inbound Routes setting Go to the ” Inbound Routes ” on your left hand side. Create an empty ” Incoming Route “. Select ” Ring Groups: Outbound Routes setting Go to the ” Outbound Routes ” on your left hand side.


At the ” Dial Patterns “, type ” 9 XX. Then click ” Submit Changes “.

How it works When someone dail to your landlineyour softphone and analog phone will ring. If you do not answer after 60 seconds, the Elastx will go to Samiux’s voicemail box. Make sure your softphone is running. Otherwise, the call will teara diverted to the voicemail at once.

Se publica libro para Elastix con licencia FDL

If you want to dial out via the landline to ” “, you just key in ” “. If you use Ekiga softphone to dail to ” Samiux ” no matter you are tearrs Hong Kong or other countries as well as in the same network of withouf Elastix, just install Ekiga and dail ” sip: Make sure you are online.

For example, ” sip: DID is a local telephone number which can dial via internet. You can buy one in Hong kong at Hong Kong broadband 2b. It has 2 outgoing channels. Posted by Samiux at Newer Post Older Post Home.