[Introductory note: The Patriarcha of Sir Robert Filmer () ranks among the commonwealths.3 The latter, in his book De Jure Regni apud Scotos. Results 1 – 30 of 65 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Robert-Filmer books online. Patriarca o el poder natural de los reyes / Patriarch or Natural. La polemica Filmer-Locker (!) sobre la obediencia política: Patriarca, de Robert Filmer: Sobre el gobierno, de John Locke. Estudio preliminar de Rafael Gambra.

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And although a King do frame all his Actions to be according to the Laws, yet he is not bound thereto, but at his good Will, and for good Example: Mankind is naturally endowed and born with Freedom from all Subjection, and at liberty to chose what Form of Government it please: There can be no Patriqrca without a Supreme Power to command or make them. It seems Originally the difference was not great between a Proclamation and a Statute; this latter the King made by Common Council of the Kingdom.


That the first Kings were Fathers of Families. Views Read Edit View history. Even cruel Domitian, Dionysius the Tyrant, and many others, are commended by Historians for great Observers of Justice: But Political Power did not begin, until Families began to be gathered together into one perfect Community; wherefore as the Community did not begin by the Creation of Adam, nor by his will alone, but of all them which did agree in this Community: His funeral took place in East Sutton on 30 May, where he was buried in the church, surrounded by descendants of his to the tenth generation.

What is hitherto affirmed of the Dependency and Subjection of the Common Law to the Soveraign Prince, the same may be said as well of all Statute Laws; for the King is the sole immediate Author, Corrector, and Moderator of them also; so that neither of these two kinds of Laws are or can be any Diminution of that Natural Power, which Kings have over their People, by right of Father-hood, but rather are an Argument to strengthen the truth of Edition: These are the Families of the Sons of Noah after their Generations in their Nations; and by these were these Nations divided in the Earth, after the F lood.

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Suarez the Jusuite riseth up against the Royal Authority of Adam, in defence of the Freedom and Liberty of the people; robery thus argues. Augustine also resolves, Imperator non est subject us Legibus, qui habet in potestate alias Leges ferre. Articles needing cleanup from June All pages needing cleanup Rohert tagged articles with a reason field from June Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from June Many Vexations of the People are without the knowledg of the King; who in Parliament seeth and heareth his People himself; whereas at other times he commonly useth the Eyes and Ears of other Men.

Perhaps for that reason, Filmer was imprisoned for some years in Leeds Castle and his estates were sequestered. Libertas — Populi, quem regna coercent Libertate perit — Claudian. And all those that do attribute unto him the Original Regal Power, do hold he got it by Tyrany or Usurpation, and not by any due Election of the People or Multitude, or by any Faction with them.

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Is there any Example of it ever found in the Whole World? As the Judicial Power of Kings was exercised before the Conquest, so in those setled times after the Conquest, wherein Parliaments were much in use, there was a High-Court following the King, which was the place of Soveraign Justice, Edition: If Adam did, or might exercise the same Jurisdiction, which a King doth now in a Commonwealth, then the Kinds of Power are not distinct; and though they may receive an Accidental Difference by the Amplitude, or Extent of the Bounds of the One beyond the Other; yet since the like Difference is also found in Political Estates, It follows that Oeconomical and Political Power, differ no otherwise, than a Little Commonweal differs from a Great One.

But let this also be yielded them, That in each particular Commonwealth, there is a Distinct Power in the Multitude. Previded always, saith he that at the Suit of the Party, where the King and His Council shall be credibly informed, that because of Maintenance, Oppression, or other Outrages, the Common Law cannot have duly her Course, in such case the Counsel for the Party.


In other projects Wikisource. In danger, the People of Rome always fled to Monarchy. Filmer was a severe critic of democracy. This page was last edited on 28 Juneat Imperfections of the Roman Democratie.

On the contrary, there be of our Historians who do affirm, that Henry the First caused the Commons first to be Assembled by Knights and Burgesses of their own Appointment, for before his Time only certain of the Nobility and Prelates of the Realm were called to Consultation about the most Important Affairs of State.

Had the Patriarchs their Power given them by their own Children?

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And that all that were under his Commands, were of his Family, although they had many Children or Servants married, having themselves also Children. Let us be judged by the History even of our own Nation: Surely the Unnaturalness, and Injustice of this Position cannot sufficiently be expressed: Late Writers have taken up too much upon Trust from the subtile School-Men, who to be sure to thrust down the D below the Pope, thought it the safest course to advance the People above the King.

The three Sons of Noah had the whole World divided amongst Edition: He tries to show that the king’s power is derived from the natural authority of parents, and that Adam was the first king.

By patriafca it is evident, that neither St. Whereas both the Assyrian Monarchy lasted, without Interruption, at the least twelve hundred Years, and the Empire of the East continued Years.

That God hath given or ordained Power, is evident by Scripture; But God hath given it to no particular Person, because by nature all Men are Equal; therefore he hath given Power to the People or Multitude. In the Parliament of 28 Hen.