Results 1 – 30 of El Problema de Los Tres Cuerpos / The Three-Body Problem. 32% off La Cancion de los Maories · Sarah Lark. 30 May El so verdaderu nome, Christiane Gohl, foi reemplazáu a pidimientu de los Les sos noveles roblar colos pseudónimos de Sarah Lark y Ricarda Jordan. El cantar de los maorinos (Das Lied der Maori, ), Ediciones B. El berru de la. The Paperback of the La Isla de las mil fuentes by Sarah Lark at Barnes El caballero de los Siete Reinos (A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms).

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I loved book 1 pos of this series, which was a wonderful saga. In this book we follow Elaine and Kura who are Gwyn and Helen grand daughters.

Das Lied der Maori

This review is from: For my complete review see http: I do appreciate the author’s explanations at the end of the book, telling why she felt it would have been too difficult and perhaps upsetting to descendants of the settlers of New Earah had she chosen to write a standard “historical novel” account of New Zealand in the s. La isla prometida by Amanda Helsing 3.

Not on par with first novel This sequel wasn’t nearly as good as the first. Y la maoroes de desenvuelve mucho mejor. Dec 07, Debra rated it liked it. For historical fiction, this book seemed “light” on historical. Against Gwyneira’s wishes she marries Wiiliam giving up her opera career. Kelly books 31 friends.

Maybe it would have helped if the author had drawn in This review is from: Refresh and try again.

I began reading this series to remind myself of the beautiful country of New Zealand. La llamada del norte by Claire Bouvier 3. The main reason why it has taken me so long to read and review this book is its length.


Y la historia de desenvuelve mucho mejor. Barbara Bickmore Goodreads Author. I actually read through not read larj entire story, picking up the main plotlines I feltskipping over pages at a time that didn’t seem to enhance the story for me.

Oct 23, Sue rated it liked it Shelves: Return to Book Page. The sudden reappearance of George Greenwood to save the day is a bit much. I liked and respected them. Kura was certainly interesting, but she didn’t grow as much as her cousin and co-protagonist Elaine O’Keefe, who was a more likable character. When William Martyn, a handsome young Irishman of questionable integrity, walks into her life, she succumbs rapidly to wl charms.

Song of the Spirits by Sarah Lark (3 star ratings)

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This is the author’s cheap shot contrivance to describe flirtation. It took me at least the first one hundred pages before I could begin to like this book. And Tim was charming, I loved maorkes This is the sequel that ends the story of the colonization of New Zealand.

Song of the Spirits continues the soaring saga begun with In the Land of the Long White Cloud, as the founding families of colonial New Zealand experience trials and triumphs of friendship, romance, and unforgettable adventure.

This novel focus much more narrowly on these two lives and is not as wide ranging in its character development. Tested by the harsh realities of colonial life, both girls mature into spirited young women with a greater understanding of the challenges—and joys—of love, friendship, and family. SOOOO I will definetly read the last book of the trilogy because I want to know what happen next for all these characters, but not now, maybe later this summer.

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I actually read through not read the entire story, picking up the main plotlines I I was disappointed in the book. His previous actions certainly indicate no shell. You want very badly for Elaine’s life to work out but with Kura her success leaves more of a “that’s nice” reaction than the”thank heavens” response you have for Elaine. Dl she is happy about what Lainie has done with Maorids and she protected her when she was in Greymouth but she didn’t helped her when she was living next to her?


Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. This does stand on its This story takes place in New Zealand and centers lwrk two grand daughters Kura and Elaine from a prominent sheep farming family.

It’s not enough for me! I actually read through not read the entire story, picking up the main plotlines I feltskipping over pages at a time that didn’t seem to enhance the story for me. The second in the “Land of the Long White Cloud ” series, this novel focuses on Gwyneira’s two granddaughters.

I have passed it along to a friend who loves epic, historical, books to enjoy. I disagree with another GR review which said that Sarah Lark’s male characters are either misogynistic or weak. La reina de la lluvia by Katherine Scholes Goodreads Author 4. The characters weren’t uninteresting.

A common thread in this novel seems to be characters who learn by experiencing hardship and then becoming better and stronger because of it, like a blacksmith at his forge plunging a piece of metal into the coals and pounding it with his hammer to create something useful.

Once I got into this book it was a good story, well presented.