Ekai Txapartegi’s 13 research works with 4 citations and reads, including: Hue, Brightness & Saturation in Classical Greek Chroma Terms. Ekai Txapartegi . A Preliminary Study of Transparency with Chromatic Cesare Masin & Baingio Pinna – – Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 27 (5) Rediscovering Colors: A Study in Pollyanna Realism. [REVIEW]Ekai Txapartegi – – Theoria: Revista de TeorĂ­a, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia

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Withal, this interpretation collides with the standard theory of Forms.

Ekai Txapartegi, Rediscovering Colors – PhilPapers

We might even doubt, contrary to McDowell, that there is such an obvious similarity between these pair of distinctions: The price that the primitivist had to pay is that, since chromatic Forms will be colored, it will openly contradict the thesis of the Phae- drus, which states that all Forms are colorless. Is white- ness similar to the white color we see? Theaetetus, Oxfordpp. It does not seem to be an accidental distinction. Nota sobre o Octaedro da Cores em Wittgenstein.

Ekai Txapartegi

Even so, consider the distinction he draws in the Theaet. This inter- pretation is more speculative since, as I will later show, there is no clear incon- sistency between these two premises: In sum, primitivists collide more directly against the thesis of the Phaedrus that Forms are colorless while physicalists does it against the thesis of self-predication of Forms.

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Richard Tieszen – – Comparative Philosophy 2 2: It will simply be an unnoticed efflux tsapartegi off from some objects, which is causally responsible for our seeing those objects as white. The color white is the chromatic sensation we have when, for instance, we look at a white stone or a white piece of The only explicit assertion of chromatic Forms is in the epist. A particular, yet unknown, figure, composed txaparrtegi blending in basic elements probably pyramids 13 that, as I will argue, could have a qualitative aspect on its own.

Miller – – Journal of Symbolic Logic 73 4: This interpretation offers substantial advantages over the previous one. Secondary Qualities and Self-Location.

Monthly downloads Sorry, txapartdgi are not enough data points to plot this chart. Supporters of the naturalistic interpretation may still find plau- sible the idea of chromatic flames participating in chromatic Forms.

Ekai Txapartegi | Aktibazio Sozialerako komunikazio estrategia

Tim Crane – – Metaphilosophy 43 I argue that, with the appro- priate analysis, all three options can be made compatible with the naturalistic view that takes whiteness as an object effluence. Carl Thurston – – Journal of Philosophy 40 Ac- cording to it, the hidden natural essences of colors, the specific flames, are chromatic Forms. Primitivism and tcapartegi Analogy Between Colors and Values.

Colors and Chromatic Forms. And Forms, under any standard interpretation, do not create their copies by causally interacting with material objects. Added txaparteyi PP index Total downloads 5of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 1of 2, How can I increase my downloads?


A deeper explanation on the real nature of the white color and why it is encountered in nature must lay in the study of Whiteness as a Form.

We are justified in describing some objects as white because, allegedly, they do not cease in liberating whiteness. Request removal from index. Adam Pautz – manuscript. Txaartegi, for instance, could be white. Whiteness creates white by causally contri- buting to it.

Hagit Benbaji – – Metaphilosophy 44 5: Revelation in Color Perception. Secondary Qualities and Self-Location. Ekai Txapartegi – – Rivista di Estetica Die Farbenlehre in the Interpretation of an Artist and a Scientist.

Thus, whiteness is acknowledged as an unknown type of flame that is causally responsible for our seeing as white the objects that emit them 6. For instance, Whiteness could be a standard Form and it would not clash with immateriality or self-predication. Physicalists might also reach the opposite conclusion, that is, they could conclude that physicalism makes it easier to identify colors with Forms, because they conceive flames as non qualitative, as suggested by Phaedrus.

On one hand, colors are out there causally contributing to our chromatic vision and, on the other hand, they are Forms, the proper objects of episteme, which can be identified upon philosophical examination.