Wiki for Collaborative Studies of Arts, Media and Humanities. Echographies of Television has 42 ratings and 3 reviews. In this important new book, Jacques Derrida talks with BernardStiegler about the effect of telet. Echographies of Television Filmed Interviews. Jacques Derrida – Wiley. Epimetheus Bound: Stiegler on Derrida, Life, and the Technological Condition.

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Echographies of Television Filmed Interviews

The fact that digitalisation makes very possible the representation of things which were never in front of a lens changes the conditions of belief, specifically the belief that photography is a matter of the return of the past in the present. Chapter 2 Artifactuality, Homohegemony. Analogico-digital technology is one such moment, in which what is undergoing an echorgaphies evolution are the conditions by which we televiskon and, therefore, the conditions by which we believe. Putting It Up for Sale.

Djross rated it really liked it May 22, Yet the analogico-digital photo does retain something of the chain of light events which characterised the analog photo: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But with digital technology echoggraphies becomes possible not only to produce cinematic or televisual works in a new way, but to analyse and therefore interpret these in a new way—for example, to index images, camera movements, voices, etc.

Jacques Derrida & Bernard Stiegler, Echographies of Television Filmed Interviews – PhilPapers

Find it on Scholar. As such, analogico-digital photography possesses a different spirit than previous photographic technology, because what the spectator knows about the image is that it has an uncertain relation to “reality”: Stiegler on Derrida, Life, and the Technological Condition. Thus when we are striving to remember the worst for example, the complicity of the French state for the treatment of Jews during World War Derrjdafo are striving to recall the victims, but this means also to call them backnot just for the sake of a present, but for an ongoing struggle, and thus for a future.


May 13, Ft. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

There is a definite chain of light events, connecting the moment the camera records an image and the moment the developed photograph is seen. A Ghost of a Chance, After All. Complica tanto todo, y da tantas vueltas, que entenderlo es un verdadero sacrificio.

What does it mean to speak of thepresent in a situation of “live” recording? Although it is possible to manipulate the analog photo, this is as it were an “accidental” possibility, whereas manipulation is the essence of the digital photo.

Tracy Colony – – Research in Phenomenology 41 1: If there is a specificity of modern teletechnology, then it has something to do with the directness of “live” recording and transmission, and the speed with which what is recorded can be made to travel the farthest distances. History of Western Philosophy. Echographies of Television discusses a number of subjects, but the overall theme concerns the impact of technological accelerationand in particular the social, political and philosophical significance of the development of digital media.


Joel Gn rated it it was amazing Oct 27, Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. You are currently using the site but have requested a page in the site. Huffa rated it really liked it May 07, Nevertheless, however, we must also recognise that even the most “live” broadcasts are produced.

Peter Dahlgren – Preview — Echographies of Television by Jacques Derrida. As Derrida showed in relation to the sign, language is always already writing, a system of traces, composed of discrete elements. Stiegler describes grammatisation as follows: There are no discussion topics on this book derriida.

If, for example, we could know in advance that the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe were doomed to failure, the pace and rhythm at which this occurred could only be understood retrospectively, taking into account causalities which had been previously overlooked, such as the way in which the fall of the Berlin Wall was immediately inscribed in a global telecommunications network.

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